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    Château Cheval Blanc unveils the secrets of its winemaking processInside Château Cheval Blanc, an audio immersion that follows the artisan winemakers, who are attentive every day to the tiniest details, and thus produce a grand cru wine. This unique insight dives deep into the winemaking process throughout the seasons, appealing to both connoisseurs and amateurs.The podcast covers the different steps of winemaking, month after month, year after year, in order to highlight the quality of such an atypical wine. From working on the soil at winter times, to the barrels, the harvest, the pruning of vines, the art of winemaking and on to the implementation of an ambitious farming program, the podcast followed the Château’s rhythm during a whole year. Several issues are addressed throughout the episodes: climate change, growing and grafting techniques, preservation of biodiversity. We listen to authentic accounts by “enthusiastic and involved artisans, who know that today’s choices will have repercussions on tomorrow’s glasses and soil”. They unveil the prestigious history of Château Cheval Blanc.--INSIDE CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC, A PODCAST BY CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC Written by Camille JuzeauDirection & original music : Samuel HirschProduction : HRCLSEnglish voices : Emma Broughton, Karine Le Loet, Michel Zlotowski, Xavier CombeTranslation : Sophie Jump

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