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COVID: You do the Aftermath

Season 1, Ep. 44

Is the Government running scared of a full public inquiry into the Coronavirus crisis? When and how should it happen and what questions should it ask? And how do you stop a fact-finding investigation from turning into a blame game? 

Also veteran politics commentator, host of the Rock’n’Roll Politics podcast and author of The Prime Ministers: Lessons of Leadership Steve Richards joins us to discuss the state of the Government’s implementation game. And how should Keir Starmer develop his Parliamentary repertoire to keep Boris Johnson on his toes?

  • “An inexperienced Cabinet chosen largely for its loyalty to Brexit has found itself faced with the biggest crisis since 1945.” – Steve Richards
  • “You’ve got to start learning those lessons now in case we get a second wave in the autumn.” – Cath Haddon
  • “The Government are already paranoid, neurotic about a possible inquiry… I think they’ll try to avoid it.” – Steve Richards
  • “If you’re legally obliged to hand over your emails it changes your calculus as a civil servant.” – Alex Thomas
  • “Governing is wholly different from getting a strong headline in tomorrow’s papers.” – Steve Richards

Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Cath Haddon, Emma Norris and Alex Thomas. Audio production by Alex Rees.

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