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A show for researchers in Life Sciences, that aims to answer real-life questions about microscopy image analysis and assistive AI practices.

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  • 1. Exploring the New Frontier of Blood and Inflammation with Prof. Johannes Schmid

    Join us, as we embark on a captivating journey delving into the groundbreaking work and ongoing projects of Prof. Johannes Schmid from the Medical University of Vienna. In this interview, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable realm of “Multifactorial Fluorescence Microscopy and AI-Assisted Analysis of Blood Smears,” with a keen emphasis on its transformative potential in the field of inflammation diagnostics. Prepare to be enthralled by Prof. Johannes Schmid’s pioneering research at the intersection of cutting-edge imaging technologies and artificial intelligence.Further links to our guest's profiles:ResearchGateResearch Group of Johannes A. SchmidPersonal profile at the Medical University of Vienna

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