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Award winning comedian Pierre Novellie returns

Season 8, Ep. 93

Pierre Novellie will be bringing his brand new show, Why Are You Laughing?, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Monkey Barrel, Three from 2nd – 27th August. Visit for more information.

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  • 17. 🍼 🩵 Kate & Rich welcome a new baby boy! 🩵🍼

    In this very special episode, Kate and Rich discuss Kate's pregnancy and upcoming birth. They talk about the challenges they faced, including technical difficulties, pregnancy symptoms, and the decision to have an elective C-section. They also touch on the age gap between them and the impact it may have on their parenting journey. Throughout the conversation, they share personal anecdotes and experiences, providing insights into the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy. In this episode, Kate and Rich discuss their memories of childbirth and the changes in parenting over the years. They also talk about the challenges of finding supplies and the similarities in the birthing process. They share their excitement and boredom leading up to the birth and express gratitude for the support from friends. They discuss the preparation for surgery and address misconceptions about C-sections. They also talk about the placenta and the decision not to eat it. They discuss the C-section procedure and the recovery process. They share their realization of the C-section process and the feeling during the surgery. They talk about the sudden birth experience and express their excitement and nervousness. 
  • 16. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith has funny bones. His whole demeanour just makes me smile and watching him perform onstage never fails to bring me joy so it was a real pleasure to have him on the podcast. We talked about growing up in a small town, local press, the pressure that sometimes comes with being a comedian up at the Edinburgh Festival in an ever more competitive industry and local newspaper journalism. Find Ian here:Instagram: /iansmithcomedyTwitter: @iansmithcomedySee Ian here:I'll be back at Soho Theatre next year with my Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show Crushing - 29th-31st January at 7.30pm. Tickets here:'ll also be on tour around the UK next year, with dates in Manchester, Hull, Edinburgh, Glasgow and lots more. All tickets here via my LinkTree or Insta:
  • 15. Rachael Wells

    This week’s guest is my friend and co-host of my other excellent podcast But Please Don’t Panic! Rachael “Wellsy” Wells. I met Rachael through this very podcast and we’ve been friends ever since. Rachael is Autistic, a condition I’d never really come across before so it’s been a real education for me. It’s estimated that one in a hundred people are autistic and it was really great to have a proper sit down with Wellsy and to find out how being neurodiverse affects your every day life in a world that assumes everyone is neurotypical.
  • 14. Alistair Barrie

    Comedian Alistair Barrie. (Did he mention he's playing at the Comedy Store?)Alistair Barrie and I have been friends and colleagues for almost 20 years an we really have seen the best and worst of each other but we’ve never really sat and had a proper in depth chat until this very episode where we really opened up to each other and it was an absolute pleasure to do so. Alistair is currently on tour and will be filming a comedy special at The Comedy Store on November 28th, tickets for which can be found at
  • 13. Frank Foucault

    I was first introduced to the magic of Frank Foucault at the Edinburgh Festival back in 2018 and I was completely blown away by his originality. My friend Katie aka Myra Hollow was raving about him and dragged me along by the scruff of my neck and I’m so glad she did because he has now become one of my favourite comedians. This is part one of a two part episode as we had to cut it short so Producer Paul could go get his yoga on. Stay tuned for part two coming soon.
  • 12. Michael Fenton Stevens

    This week’s guest is fantastic actor and host of the wonderful "My Time Capsule" podcast, Michael Fenton Stevens, and oh what a joy it was! Michael and I grew up in the same area but we had no idea just how similar our lives have been. We talked school days, what it was like growing up in St Mary’s Cray, inspirational teachers and the importance of taking some chances in your life.
  • 11. Adam Bloom

    Adam's book i“Finding Your Comic Genius” is on AmazonFind Adam on Twitter @adambloomie2Become a "Men Brain Member"*join the show recordings *get 50 archive interviews via your own private RSS link*get early access to our FILMED interviewsGo to or click the LinkTree for ALL for YouTube videos, live comedy dates, socials, contact Producer Paul and everything else 
  • 10. Paul Foot

    “He's a comedy genius, one of the funniest things I've seen. Sublime, original and brilliant”The Independent“Quite simply, he is mind blowing, so if you fancy your mind being blown Paul Foot is one of the few comedians working today who can do it for you” The Mirror “A deranged genius” Sydney Morning Herald “An exquisite symphony of jubilant madness” Melbourne Age “A work of genius (..) Highly intellectual and ridiculously silly (..) A treasure”Chortle “Comedy gold” Broadway World “Simply one of the best I've ever seen (..) True alternative comedy at it's very best” British Comedy Guide “A delight (..)Silly and inspired” FestCatch Paul Foot on tour with Dissolve, a brand-new show which promises to be his most personal, surprising and inspired stand-up offering ever. Tickets go, and
  • 4. Phil Walker

    Phil Walker talks *comedy*running marathons*triathlons, and more. Not only is Phil the son of Roy Walker from Catchphrase, his sister is in Everyone’s Talking About Jamie!