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Insane In The Men Brain

Matthew Robertson

Season 9, Ep. 24

Matthew’s explains ‘joy through the power of the outdoors’ to comedian Rich Wilson and the personal difficulties that compelled him to create the Momentum Men podcast series.

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  • 32. The Lovely Eggs

    In 2023, Holly and David released their own TV show: EGGS TV, embarking on atelevisual odyssey through alternative art, music, spoken word and underground culture.Teaming up with artist Casey Raymond, the 6 part YouTube series sucks you spirallingdown the plughole into The Lovely Eggs’ distinctly off the wall universe, featuring guestsIan Mackaye, Gruff Rhys, Stewart Lee, John Grant, Cate le Bon, Maxine Peake, JohnCooper Clarke, Space Lady, Pigs X 7, White Hills, Chris Packham and loads more.The Lovely Eggs have played hundreds of gigs around theUK, USA and Europe. They have produced six albums and recorded more than ten livesessions for BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio One.Their new album "Eggsistentialism" is released May 17.Chapters00:00Introduction and DIY Approach to Music07:27Mental Health and Challenges of Being Independent Artists16:28The Impact of the Internet on Music Discovery36:30The Importance of Belonging to a Tribe46:12Embracing Individuality and Creating Unique Sounds53:21Creating the World You Want to Live InFind them on all the socials @thelovelyeggs
  • 31. Photographer Mark Harrison

    “An hour of television can change everything,” Billie Piper says in the trailer for the new Netflix film based on the true events leading up to Prince Andrew’s explosive 2019 BBC Newsnight interview. The eyes of Britain were on journalist Emily Maitlis (played by Gillian Anderson) as she grilled the royal (Rufus Sewell) about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. The fallout was immediate, as Prince Andrew announced that he was stepping back from his public duties in the days following the broadcast.  24 hours ahead of the new Netflix drama SCOOP "dropping", here's another chance to hear Mark Harrison, the photographer who took the photo that was front page on newspapers around the world, talking to Rich Wilson back in 2021.
  • 30. Nick Wilty

    Our wonderful guest this week is artist and comedian Nick Wilty and I’m telling you now that nobody has lived a life as full as Nick. The stories this man could tell would be enough time fill twenty podcasts so I was overjoyed when agreed to join me on Men Brain. I will tell you now that we do cover some fairly dark topics but Nick’s storytelling ability makes them easy to navigate.Go to for ALL for YouTube videos LONG BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!
  • 29. Louie Green

    Louie Green is a proud working class comedian. On 9th Feb 2021 Louie did not die and in fact he was given a second chance and this second chance came in the form of a colostomy bag. Louie brings stomas to the forefront of conversations both in his stand up and to the public after recently hitting the national press for revealing his colostomy bag on stage. He has now been featured on prime time TV raising awareness and proving that a stoma is something to be proud of. Facebook UK
  • 28. Laura Smyth (with a guest appearance from 🚼 Bodhi Wilson 🍼)

    Laura Smyth is a comedian, writer and actor from East London.In 2019 Laura won the Funny Women Awards having only been doing comedy for 5 months. Since then, she has continued to take the comedy scene by storm; a favourite on the live circuit Laura has supported Jack Whitehall and Michelle de Swarte on tour and played the Comedy Arena at Latitude, Reading and Leeds Festivals.TV appearances include ‘Live At The Apollo’ (BBC Two), ‘Frankie Boyle’s New World Order’ (BBC Two), ‘Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club’ (ITV1), ‘Yesterday, Today and the Day Before’ (Comedy Central) and ‘As Yet Untitled’ (Dave). Laura is soon to be seen making her debut appearance on ‘Cats Does Countdown’ for Channel 4. As an actor she has appeared in ‘Pru’ for BBC Three, independent feature ‘Cottontail’ and played the lead in her own original narrative non-tx ‘Launderette’ for BBC.Laura co-hosts BBC Sounds hit podcast ‘Bang On It’ with Michelle de Swarte which is released weekly.A prolific narrative writer, Laura has written on the new re-boot of ‘Bad Education’ for BBC Three; new comedy series ‘Deep Fakes’ for ITV2 as well as having several of her own projects in development, including original script commissions from BBC and Channel 4. UK Tour - starts April 2024 get tickets at laurasmyth.comAI SAYS THIS IS ABOUT... In this conversation, Laura Smyth and Rich Wilson discuss the realities of life, living with a life-changing diagnosis, changing perspectives, and self-kindness. They also explore the themes of healing, connecting with others, changing the narrative, embracing life, facing mortality, and the power of love and connection. They discuss the importance of changing the story, shifting priorities, and finding balance. The conversation concludes with a discussion on faith and belief in a higher power. In this conversation, Laura Smyth reflects on life, death, and the importance of living in the present moment. She discusses the purpose of human connection and the desire to find truth and commonality through comedy. Laura also shares her experiences of childhood and parenting, emphasizing the importance of learning from past generations. She highlights the value of embracing imperfections and cherishing relationships. The conversation explores the balance between acknowledging and acting upon emotions, and the danger of overemphasizing feelings. Laura concludes with gratitude and excitement for her upcoming tour.
  • 27. Ben Pope

    Ben Pope is a London-based stand-up comedian and has been doing stand-up for the best part of a decade (as an act and MC), gigging across the UK. He has performed a host of critically-acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe shows, his YouTube special Mr Big Stuff has 30k views and in 2023 he completed his nationwide Holy Cow tour (‘excellent’ - Joe Lycett), which this year travels to New Zealand. Ben has supported both sketch duo Max & Ivan and character comedian Kieran Hodgson on tour, and has appeared on Achievement Unlocked (Comedy Central), Comedy Guide to Life (Dave) and BBC New Comedy Award on Radio 4 Extra.Twitter - @BenWPopeInsta - @popesbenedictTikTok - @popesbenedictBrighton Fringe shows - thinks it's about this: In this conversation, comedian Ben Pope joins Rich Wilson to discuss various topics, including growing up in a religious environment, questioning beliefs, finding magic in hobbies, and the pressure to constantly optimize every moment. They also talk about the importance of slowing down, enjoying downtime, and letting go of guilt when it comes to reading and creative pursuits. Overall, the conversation explores the themes of belief, self-discovery, and finding joy in everyday moments. In this conversation, Rich Wilson and Ben Pope discuss the benefits of audiobooks and how they can make reading more enjoyable. They also delve into the challenges of reading classic literature and the pressure to read certain books. The conversation touches on the transition from religion to secularism and the impact it can have on individuals. They also explore the importance of taking it easy and not putting too much pressure on oneself. The conversation concludes with a discussion about boarding school experiences, appreciating London, and upcoming shows and tours.
  • 26. Tony Law

    SummaryIn this episode, Rich Wilson and Tony Law discuss various topics, including making the most of limited space, coping with challenges in lockdown, the decline of niceness, the impact of podcasting, the fear of putting out content, struggles with alcohol, reading and talking in sleep, habits and shopping math, watching motorists pulling eco-protesters, the conspiracy of Extinction Rebellion, the habit of using bags for life, and an encounter with a climate change protester. In this part of the conversation, Tony Law and Rich Wilson discuss encounters with snobbery and politeness, the behavior of Tony's dog, avoiding personal topics, Tony's controversial stance on climate change, the earth as a killer, the impact of classism and snobbery in England, the influence of social media on opinions, desensitization to tragic events, showing kindness to homeless people, the divisiveness of politics, and the importance of balanced news consumption. The conversation covers various topics related to watching TV shows and movies while engaging in different activities, such as writing, feeding, breastfeeding, and using social media. It also touches on the fascination with murder-related content and the experience of attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies.TakeawaysSnobbery and classism still exist in society and can impact mental health.Social media can desensitize people to tragic events and lead to divisive conversations.It is important to have friends with diverse views and engage in balanced news consumption.Comedians can provide a unique perspective on society and challenge prevailing opinions.Finding interest in unconventional topics can broaden knowledge and understanding. Watching TV shows and movies can be enjoyed while engaging in other activities, such as writing or feeding.Breastfeeding can provide an opportunity to watch TV shows and movies during feeding sessions.Many people, particularly women, have a fascination with murder-related content.Attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies can be a unique and enjoyable experience.
  • 25. Ben Cohen

    Ben Cohen has had over 10 Million views on TikTok with his sketch duo, The Lovely Boys. He performs his quirky style of observational comedy in clubs up and down the UK and Europe also taking his act to Israel and LA.