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Katsura Sunshine and Luca Cupani

Canadian born comedian Katsura Sunshine has spent the last 20 years living in Japan. In that time, as an apprentice of storyteller Katsura Bunshi, he has learned the ancient art of Rakugo where performers tell stories that have been passed down from master to pupil for 400 years. Joining him now is fantastic comedian and returning Men Brain hero Luca Cupani who alongside Sunshine brings his own version of these incredible stories to a residency at the Leicester Square Theatre in London.

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  • Daliso Chaponda

    This week on the award winning Insane In The Men Brain, Rich Wilson talks to star of Britain's Got Talent Daliso Chaponda about his early life growing up as the son of a diplomat amongst many other things.
  • 37. Michelle Shaughnessy

    "Michelle has the remarkable ability to turn what others would consider a disaster into pure comedy gold. She has the talent plus capability to be raw, honest, vulnerable and INCREDIBLY funny all at once. Her interactions with an audience never fail to be explosively entertaining. I am very excited for her new show" ADAM HILLS"I can’t for the life of me understand why she’s not a household name!” ED BYRNE"Hilarious! The ideal night out" KATHERINE RYANFind Michelle @michellesfunny on all platforms Michelle at the Edinburgh Fringe 2024Title of Show: Michelle Shaughnessy: Too Late BabyVenue: Underbelly Bristo Square: DaisyTime: 2.45pmDates: 31ST July – 25th August (except 12th)PHOTO CREDIT - STEVE ULLATHORNE     
  • James Smith of Yard Act

    "Fixer Upper" singer James Smith from the brilliant Yard Act talks to comedian Rich Wilson recorded at The Social, Little Portland Street, London.See Yard Act headline Millennium Square in Leeds on 3rd August. For all aother dates, merch and music go to
  • 35. Christian Jegard

    Christian Jegard is definitely one to watch as he climbs his way up the comedy ladder but to even find the ladder in the first place, he's had to overcome some major obstacles in his life such as OCD which led to him burning his own hair, early life diagnosis ADHD and a severe bout of agoraphobia but despite all of this, he's now carving himself out an incredibly fruitful and interesting career in comedy and it was a real pleasure to have him on.
  • 7. Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd

    Hear Richard Gadd's open and honest chat with Rich Wilson at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, discussing some of the events that inspired the hit Netflix show Baby Reindeer.#Netflix #RichardGadd #BabyReindeer
  • 34. Luke Bayliss

    Luke's socials are: @Llukebayliss and his online Sober Community:Instagram- Sober Life GuidesLuke Bayless shares his personal journey of addiction and recovery, highlighting the destructive nature of alcohol and the need for help. He discusses the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of drinking to numb the pain and anxiety, and the desperation to escape the reality of life. Luke emphasizes the importance of reaching out for help and the relief that comes with making that decision. He also explores the connection between ADHD and substance use disorder, shedding light on the underlying factors that contribute to addiction. Luke's story is a testament to the transformative power of seeking help and finding a new path. Luke shares his personal journey of overcoming addiction and the importance of addressing mental health and seeking support. He emphasizes the need for men to break the stigma and talk about their feelings. Luke also discusses the power of positive self-talk and changing one's mindset. He highlights the benefits of sobriety and the importance of building a supportive community. Luke is now an ambassador for ADHD UK and has started a platform called Sober Life Guides to provide guidance and support for those struggling with addiction and mental health.#addiction #recovery #alcohol #ADHD #substanceusedisorder #mentalhealth #sobriety
  • Jeff Innocent

    Comedian Rich Wilson talks to fellow comedian Jeff Innocent. Expect a nostalgia-fest!
  • 33. Poet Jason Delaney

    Jason Delaney @jasedelaney is an emotional Poet, whose poems and wisdoms you will often find flying around the internet, widely shared daily, by his many followers. Over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram.Jason has been called a Poet influencer by his followers. Jason takes great pride that some of his followers have now started their own writing journeys and are writing and sharing poetry. Jason has published 3 books of his emotional poetry to date. A passionate advocate for supporting mental health issues, Jason will write jokes and wisdoms as well as the poetry. He does so to raise a smile. Jason loves to turn a frown upside-down. Priding himself on being an Empath and understanding that you have to tread through the darkness to get to the light, Jason engages constantly with his followers to support them in anyway that he can. Be it an emotional poem or a hilarity tinged wisdom. Jason is a featured poet on the awesome website Poetry for Mental Health. This is where he first shared his emotional poems.#poetry #mentalhealth