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Comedian Rich Wilson talks to funny and interesting people about their experiences with men’s mental health

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  • 26. Tony Law

    SummaryIn this episode, Rich Wilson and Tony Law discuss various topics, including making the most of limited space, coping with challenges in lockdown, the decline of niceness, the impact of podcasting, the fear of putting out content, struggles with alcohol, reading and talking in sleep, habits and shopping math, watching motorists pulling eco-protesters, the conspiracy of Extinction Rebellion, the habit of using bags for life, and an encounter with a climate change protester. In this part of the conversation, Tony Law and Rich Wilson discuss encounters with snobbery and politeness, the behavior of Tony's dog, avoiding personal topics, Tony's controversial stance on climate change, the earth as a killer, the impact of classism and snobbery in England, the influence of social media on opinions, desensitization to tragic events, showing kindness to homeless people, the divisiveness of politics, and the importance of balanced news consumption. The conversation covers various topics related to watching TV shows and movies while engaging in different activities, such as writing, feeding, breastfeeding, and using social media. It also touches on the fascination with murder-related content and the experience of attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies.TakeawaysSnobbery and classism still exist in society and can impact mental health.Social media can desensitize people to tragic events and lead to divisive conversations.It is important to have friends with diverse views and engage in balanced news consumption.Comedians can provide a unique perspective on society and challenge prevailing opinions.Finding interest in unconventional topics can broaden knowledge and understanding. Watching TV shows and movies can be enjoyed while engaging in other activities, such as writing or feeding.Breastfeeding can provide an opportunity to watch TV shows and movies during feeding sessions.Many people, particularly women, have a fascination with murder-related content.Attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies can be a unique and enjoyable experience.

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  • 25. Ben Cohen

    Ben Cohen has had over 10 Million views on TikTok with his sketch duo, The Lovely Boys. He performs his quirky style of observational comedy in clubs up and down the UK and Europe also taking his act to Israel and LA.
  • 24. Matthew Robertson

    Matthew’s explains ‘joy through the power of the outdoors’ to comedian Rich Wilson and the personal difficulties that compelled him to create the Momentum Men podcast series.
  • 23. Hannah Byczkowski, comedian and star of The Traitors

    In this episode, Rich Wilson and Hannah Byczkowski discuss their experiences with the TV show 'The Traitors' and the dynamics of the game. They reflect on the excitement and disappointment of being a contestant and the strategies involved in the game. Hannah shares her motivation for participating in the show and the impact it had on her career. They also discuss the importance of gratitude and perspective in maintaining a positive mindset. The conversation highlights the value of surrounding oneself with supportive relationships and the power of choosing happiness in everyday life. The conversation covers various themes, including appreciating life, finding happiness, and taking time for oneself. It emphasises the importance of perspective, empathy, and recognising the real problems in the world. The evolving nature of comedy and the value of enjoying life and not taking things too seriously are also discussed. The awareness of mortality and making life count is highlighted, along with the significance of self-care and mental health. The creation and success of the Ghost Huns podcast, as well as personal experiences with the supernatural, are explored. In this conversation, Hannah Hannah Byczkowski shares her experiences with strange occurrences and unexplained events in her house. She recounts instances of feeling a presence, finding doors open, and hearing a phone ring in the cellar. She also discusses hearing her name being called in a haunted house and shares a story about a house with a tragic history. Hannah concludes by mentioning the Ghost Hunters tour she is a part of.
  • 22. John O'Sullivan

    Rich Wilson is joined by John O'Sullivan. They discuss the insecurities and challenges faced by performers, including the fear of failure and rejection. They also explore the impact of social media on self-esteem and the struggle to overcome personal insecurities. The conversation delves into the importance of confidence and likeability in comedy, as well as the internal conflicts that performers often face. Throughout the episode, they share personal anecdotes and reflect on their own experiences in the comedy world. The conversation covers topics such as dealing with loss and fear, coping with illness and caring for others, the impact of the internet and social media, the evolution of comedy and taboos, and the desire for naughty and controversial humor. The need for originality in comedy is also discussed. In this conversation, Dame John O'Sullivan and Rich Wilson discuss various aspects of comedy and the entertainment industry. They touch on the importance of visibility and representation for disabled comedians, emphasizing the unique perspectives they bring to the stage. They also explore the role of likability in comedy and the power of visual humor. The conversation delves into personal preferences in comedy and the changing tastes of audiences over time. They discuss the challenges of building confidence on stage and overcoming self-doubt. Finally, they express appreciation for each other's kindness and discuss future plans for collaboration.
  • 21. Will Robbins

    The Lovely Boys have become an internet sensation and we were lucky enough to grab one half of this dynamic duo Will Robbins inbetween video making to chat about his life and how he keeps his own mental health healthy and in check.Socials:Insta: @willyrobbinsTiktok: @thelovelyboys Insta: @thelovelyboysRich Wilson and Will Robbins discuss various topics, including growing up in a small town, the challenges of being short, getting into comedy, and the importance of sleep and water. They also talk about the positive impact of comedy and the need for more wholesome and feel-good content. The conversation highlights the importance of open conversations about mental health and the need for a balanced approach to self-diagnosis and self-care. In this conversation, Will Robbins and Rich Wilson discuss various topics related to mental health, self-care, and personal experiences. They touch on ADHD, overwhelm, and the challenges of finding balance in a world filled with wellness advice. They also talk about living on a houseboat, the bohemian lifestyle, and the influence of parents on their personalities. The conversation explores the connection between spirituality and belief systems, as well as the impact of social media on mental well-being. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of self-reflection, communication, and finding what works best for oneself.
  • 20. Ed Patrick

    Ed Patrick discusses his experience balancing a career in medicine with his passion for comedy. He shares how he initially hid his comedy pursuits but eventually embraced them after receiving support from a consultant. Ed also talks about his fascination with parasites and how it led him to study medicine. He shares an interesting story about the origins of muscle relaxants and the use of a poison called Karare. Finally, Ed promotes his upcoming tour and book, both titled 'Catch Your Breath.'TakeawaysTechnology can be both helpful and frustrating, and it's important to find a balance.Childbirth can be a joyful and challenging experience, and anesthesia plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive outcome.Anesthesia involves different techniques and medications to numb pain and ensure patient comfort.The medical field can be stressful and bureaucratic, but it is also rewarding and filled with opportunities for learning and growth.Humor and misunderstandings can occur in the medical profession, and it's important to maintain a positive and compassionate approach. Balancing multiple passions can be challenging but rewarding.Embracing and being open about your interests can lead to support and opportunities.Fascination with a specific topic can drive a career choice.Medical advancements often have interesting and unexpected origins.