Zoom Speed Dating and Reservations

Ep. 13

If we think about it, speed dating and the innkeeping business have a lot in common. As innkeepers, we know that potential guests probably have a long list of inns, B&Bs, and other lodging properties to choose from when deciding when to stay. And, just as in dating, the goal should be finding a perfect match, a partnership that'll make both sides happy. 

In this episode, we discuss why it is more important to find a good match for our inn than just convincing someone to stay with us. We go through the discoveries I made about our industry after trying Zoom speed dating and the keys to building long-lasting relationships with our guests. We also analyze the importance of asking questions to get to know our guests better and use that information to turn their visit into an unforgettable experience.

In addition, I relate the story of how I adopted my new four-legged child, Hershey, and how it correlates to innkeeping and speed dating. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About how I went on a blind date with Hershey, the rescue dog I recently adopted (1:53)
  • What I've learned from Zoom speed dating and what that has taught me about our industry (6:26)
  • Why we must smile on the phone even when nobody is watching (9:26)
  • The importance of asking questions, being interested in the guest, and using that information (13:18)

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Inntrospection's March Madness

Ep. 10
People from all walks join the innkeeping industry for the most varied reasons. Some of them are fulfilling an old dream, others are just adventurous spirits, some found in innkeeping the perfect alternative for their 9 to 5, and there are those who love meeting new people and getting in touch with different cultures. Whatever the case might be, once they are part of the industry, some common topics arise in their lives. Such as what to do with their free time, how to build space for free time, the feeling of never disconnecting from the inn, or getting help to allocate time for advertising the inn. I decided to create my own version of NCAA's March Madness in today's episode. We'll cover a wide variety of topics, from the exciting and interesting conversations I had during the Association of Lodging Professionals Conference with over 100 innkeepers to the tough time I had during my first years in the business. We also go through how I created space for myself, how I disconnect from my business and the proper way to hire talent to help us. As  March is  Women's History month, I also take a few minutes to remember the intelligent, courageous, and inspiring women in my family who taught me so much about life, entrepreneurship, and being a strong woman. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About my beginnings as an innkeeper and my endless 24/7 rounds working days (5:26)What should we look for when we hire talent to assist us (9:43)How I created time for myself (13:29)About the strong, independent, courageous, and inspiring women in my family (18:34)We are broken vessels. How we fix our wounds and assimilate our defeats make us stronger (25:26)Let's Connect!