Matt Landman | Holes In The COVID-19 Narrative & The Great Panic Distraction

Season 6, Ep. 11

Matt Landman is an activist and the creator of the documentary Frankenskies. In this super-show we sift through the scientific statistics and ask several important questions that throw the mainstream explanation of the COVID-19 crisis into serious doubt. We cover a lot of ground on this one with the hope of keeping you grounded during the storm. Topics include the unproven theory of the what the virus even is, the enormous flaws in PCR testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction), the facts that impact the death statistics, and the problematic treatment protocols, and that's just scratching the surface. 

We also look at the global lockdown quarantine, how its effects on the economy could lead to drastic totalitarian action, the evidence of a "plan-demic" plot to capitalize on crisis, corporate CEOs and government insiders cashing out their stocks, and the unlikelihood that 5G is to blame (although its still not a good thing). To top things off we examine some of the super-sketchy anti-freedom laws that are being considered in Congress. All that and much more, so tune in and enjoy a fresh perspective on these strange times.


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  • David Crowe's "Coronavirus Panic" White Paper With Official Data Citations & Bibliography - LINK


  • What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors - LINK 
  • Coronavirus Chaos, Mr. Global, & The Technocratic Plot - LINK 
  • Coronavirus COVID-19: The Risks, The Testing, & The Treatments - LINK 



  • Trauma as psychological kindling that can inflame a fearful mentality, but can also illuminate the truth
  • How non-stop scary news keeps people locked in fight or flight mode
  • The big increase of untrue rumors spreading like wildfire through social media
  • Has the COVID-19 been isolated and purified in a lab, to prove it's an infectious virus? Nope!
  • David Crowe - The Infectious Myth & Coronavirus Panic (Research Paper) - LINK
  • Medical Journal Article: A Novel Coronavirus from Patients With Pneumonia in China - LINK
  • The psychological impact on the elderly
  • Finding a way to offer our deepest humanity to others
  • The effect of fear on our biology and health
  • Aggressive treatment methods that are likely adding to the death count - LINK
  • How quarantine has limited activist resistance to 5G implementation
  • The Secure 5G And Beyond Act of 2020 - LINK
  • The biggest-ever mass exodus of insider CEOs in January 2020 - LINK
  • Event 201 - 2019's wargame simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown - LINK
  • No proof that COVID-19 is caused by 5G, and why it's harmful to spread ideas without proof
  • Making the "end of the old world" be the time you create your own new world
  • The reflection of our situation in the space weather (astrology)
  • 80% false positive rate with coronavirus Polymerase Chain Reaction testing - Link
  • Dr Anthony Fauci (Faust?) predicts "surprise virus outbreak" during Trump Presidency - LINK
  • How our collective mental patterns create the big picture of societal behavior
  • Why the "official" definition of what makes a confirmed case is what determines big or small statistics - LINK
  • The real reason the rate of confirmed cases in China have gone down (it's not because of quarantine)
  • Over-sterilization dangers and hand sanitizers disrupting endocrine systems - LINK
  • Tiptoeing towards fascism, government seeking control over corporations - LINK
  • Anonymous, Q-Anon, David Wilcock & Magical Savior Aliens--comfort culture and the problem with thinking insiders are going to secretly fix everything without us having to act
  • Why things don't go viral organically anymore, Facebook & Youtube censorship
  • The lifting of the worldwide ban on bio-weapons research in 2015 - LINK
  • Disputing the idea of infectious diseases based on real world exposure cases - LINK
  • Materialism as the foundational incorrect assumption at the bottom of our society's problems
  • The Federal Reserve changes its capital reserve rules - LINK
  • More about the Federal Reserve: Century of Enslavement (Documentary by James Corbett) & The Creature From Jekyll Island (Book by G. Edward Griffin)
  • The EARN IT act - attempting to illegalize online encryption & privacy - LINK
  • HR 5717 and the government's desire to get rid of gun ownership in the US - LINK
  • Real ID 2020 (LINK) and social credit scores in China
  • How local and national media simply repeat the same information they're handed from above
  • Frequency-Thinkers worth researching: Masaru Emoto (LINK), Nicola Tesla (LINK), Royal Rife (LINK), Wilhelm Reich (LINK)
  • Alex Jones is Bill Hicks (LINK)
  • The climate change alarmism build up to the coronavirus lockdown
  • 5G being installed around the country and in schools during quarantine when nobody is watching (LINK)
  • The Handmaids Tale - 1990 movie revealing the plan to make humanity infertile (LINK)
  • Spero Protection Clothing and being the hope (not hopium) the world needs (LINK)
  • Pasco FL man surprised to see Florida announce his coronavirus death (LINK)





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