Luc Côté & Matt Kahl | From Shock To Awe: PTSD & Psychedelics

Season 5, Ep. 30

From Shock To Awe is a new documentary about the devastating PTSD suffered by combat veterans, and the integration of the shadow facilitated by psychedelic plant medicines. Directed, shot, and edited by Luc Côté and featuring Matt Kahl and other veterans, From Shock To Awe is a powerful film that could help change public opinion about the value of ayahuasca, MDMA, and other substances.

In this conversation Matt helps us understand the daily struggle of PTSD sufferers and how their trauma ripples out to the rest of society. Luc and Matt both help us to see, with clarity, what it means to love, forgive, and accept yourself--shadow and all.

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We Talked About...

  • The daily mental loops that veterans with PTSD experience
  • Pharmaceutical overload and broken mainstream mental health practices
  • Psychological reasons veterans don't adjust and re-enlist or commit suicide
  • Secondary PTSD and the rippling out of war trauma to society
  • Gratitude and reverence for the spiritual journey with plant medicines
  • Rapé (ceremonial tobacco snuff) and the will to let go and forgive/accept yourself
  • Ayahuasca purges and why repressing inner demons keeps them attached to you
  • The body/mind psycho-somatic connection between past trauma and emotional/physical scarring
  • How beginning your own healing process uncovers the layers of friends and family

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  • The daily balancing work to be done after the healing process occurs
  • Psychic bonding and communication through shared medicine journeys
  • The future of MDMA assisted PTSD therapy 
  • Shifting public perception of psychedelics
  • Varieties of ayahuasca ceremony centers in North and South America
  • How unhealed trauma freezes a person's development to the level they were at when it occurs
  • Matt's work getting mushrooms decriminalized and providing free cannabis for veterans
  • Why Shock To Awe's producers decided to focus individual transformations instead of showing the science



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