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In an informal setting, Dr Gemma Winzor talks to expert guests about current research, challenges and opinions in infection prevention and control (IPC). An engaging listen for infection control specialists, healthcare p

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Season 1, Ep. 2
For the second episode of Infection Prevention in Conversation, Gemma Winzor is joined by the editors of the Journal of Hospital Infection, Jim Gray (Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital) and Nik Mahida (Nottingham University Hospitals). The group discuss five papers, linked via their titles below, and share their thoughts on how to work - and have difficult conversations with - colleagues from a range of departments, what we take for granted in infection control, and how the pandemic has brought IPC into focus worldwide. Twitter: @jhieditor @IPIP_openEpisode links:Castro-Sánchez et al. Evaluation of a personal protective equipment support programme for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic in London. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 109, 68-77.Chamseddine et al. Detection of influenza virus in air samples of patient rooms, Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 108, 33-42.Kinnevey et al. Meticillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureustransmission among healthcare workers, patients and the environment in a large acute hospital under non-outbreak conditions investigated using whole-genome sequencing. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 118, 99-107.Halstead et al. Pseudomonas aeruginosainfection in augmented care: the molecular ecology and transmission dynamics in four large UK hospitals. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 111, 162-168.Pougnet et al. Pneumocystisexhalation by infants developingPneumocystisprimary infection: putative infectious sources in hospitals and the community. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 113, 10-13.Nevez et al. A proposal for pragmatic investigation of possible clonal clusters of pneumocystis pneumonia cases. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 108, 215-216.