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3 Ways to Keep Your Organization Healthy, Motivated, and Engaged in 2021

Ep. 20

Join us for a special webinar highlighting your own organizations and keeping them motivated and engaged throughout 2021! Presented by Wellness Coach Dr. Anita Lee.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

-Practical and effective ways to encourage your team towards holistic health.

-How to realistically assess your organization's "wellness culture".

-3 simple ways to keep your team healthy, motivated and engaged

Dr. Anita Lee is a global wellness coach, speaker, wellness community educator, workplace consultant, and has successfully evaluated and treated hundreds of worksite related injuries over the past 9 years. Her message of “ holistic health for every generation” has been highlighted on various news platforms, podcasts, virtual communities, and in person conferences. Dr. Anita facilitates one-time or a quarterly series of Virtual Interactive, wellness workshops for an effective and memorable learning experience that will help your team to flourish.

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Want to view the video recording of this webinar? Visit our official YouTube channel here.

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