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  • 5. Housing Market Fundamentals - Part 2

    We're back for part two to continue the discussion on housing in our Housing Fundamentals Series with Madeline Baron with ECOnorthwest and COMPASS planner Alexa Roitman! In this episode, we will be focusing on renters and take a deep dive into the housing market and provide some useful resources for first time home buyers in the Treasure Valley. 🏠 🎙️ 😀 For more information on housing, visit COMPASS' website and read our Housing Coordination Plan here:

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  • 4. Housing Market Fundamentals - Part 1

    Curious what's happening with housing in the Treasure Valley? In this episode, we are joined by Madeline Baron from ECONorthwest and COMPASS Planner Alexa Roitman to discuss housing market fundamentals.This episode is the first in a two part series. Join us again next month to continue the discussion.For more information on housing, visit the COMPASS website at:
  • 3. COMPASS' Long-Range Plan - Communities in Motion 2050

    In this episode of "In Motion" we are joined by COMPASS Planner and Planning Team Lead Austin Miller! He is going to give us all of the details of what Communities in Motion 2050 is, what it does for the Treasure Valley, and why you should know about it!To view the online plan, please visit our website:
  • 2. COMPASS Legislative Positions

    In this episode of "In Motion," we are joined by COMPASS' Government Affairs Coordinator Jacob Miller. He will provide an outline of the state and federal legislative positions that COMPASS takes on transportation related issues and give you the run down of how these legislative positions function within COMPASS.For more information on our legislative positions, please visit our website: you have any questions, please contact Jacob Miller at 208-475-2233 or
  • 1. Crash Course COMPASS

    Need a Crash Course on who COMPASS is? Say no more! COMPASS is the "Metropolitan Planning Organization" for Ada and Canyon Counties, Idaho. It is responsible for long-range transportation planning for the two-county area. Visit us at you have any recommendations for future episodes/segments, questions, or concerns, please contact us at