12: Melinda James on Viewfinding and "Oklahoma is Black"

Season 2, Ep. 2

Melinda James is an Black and Thai cinematographer. Her work encompasses documentaries, narratives, installations, commercials, and music videos. Centering her work on women, QTBIPOC, and underrepresented communities- Melinda recently DP’ed and co-directed, “Oklahoma is Black,” a poetic portrait of Black life in Oklahoma City which was nominated for Best Documentary Short at BlackStar and DC Black film festivals. Melinda was included on a list of “Mind Blowing Cinematographers” by Emmy Rossum & Free The Work and is a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers. In this episode, Melinda and Nadine chat about her journey to the filmmaking world through her education in sociology and about the differences between big commercial jobs, music videos, and video installations. We talk about safeguarding energy, in times like these but always, and about her creating of a time capsule. In connection to her work in “Oklahoma is Black,” they talk about the importance of footage and archives on who lived and how.

This episode refers to the works of David Attenborough and Clarice Lispector.

Melinda James is a Thai and Black cinematographer from California, USA. You can check out her work on her website:

Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website:

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18: Sherin Seyda on Curating Connection & Film Consultancy

Season 2, Ep. 8
Sherin Seyda is a director, producer, screenwriter, and film consultant at the Nederlands Filmfonds. Born to Syrian-Kurdish parents in Berlin, Sherin studied film and law in the UK and at the Sorbonne in Paris. At the University of Amsterdam, she received her Bachelors in Psychology and a Bachelors and Masters in International Law. Sherin finished her studies with a Masters in Audiovisual Arts at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium. She worked as a moderator, curator, and programme producer for De Balie, IFFR, and Human Rights Watch Film Festival. Today, Sherin splits her time between creating her own films and her work as film consultant at the Nederlands Filmfonds. Film consultants are responsible for the qualitative assessment of selective funding applications for film development and production. The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in the Netherlands. This episode is split in two parts. First, Nadine and Sherin talk about her journey and work. They touch her decision to study both her interests and her passions, and her commute between Brussels and Amsterdam whilst studying at LUCA and working at De Balie. They talk in depth about what it means to produce film screenings, panels, and programs. In the second part of the episode, Nadine and Sherin chat about her newish role at the Nederlands Filmfonds and her day-to-day responsibilities. They discuss the pitching process, creating film plans, and the criteria the fund put in place.Sherin Seyda is a director, producer, writer, and film consultant. Sherin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website:

17: Nainita Desai on Perseverance, "The Reason I Jump," and "For Sama."

Season 2, Ep. 7
Nainita Desai is a British-Indian composer based in London, UK. Nainita’s eclectic musical upbringing led her to studying the sitar, piano, table, guitar, violin, and singing. After receiving a degree in Mathematics, she attended the National Film and Television School in London. She worked as a sound designer and musical engineer, working alongside Peter Gabriel. Making the powerful decision to transition to composing and following her love for music making; today Nainita is an Ivor Novello, BIFA, and Cinema Eyes Honors nominee, a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and the IFMCA Breakthrough Composer (2020.) She’s composed intensely engaging scores for films, tv, documentaries, specials- including the Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-award winning film For Sama, the recent documentary The Reason I Jump, and Netflix’s most watched doc feature to date- American Murder: The Family Next Door.In this episode, Nainita and Nadine discuss her score for “The Reason I Jump” and about creating a work using prompts from a book. They chat about her roots in world music, attending Catholic school during the week & Hindu temple on the weekends, and about her choice to study Mathematics. She shares about what learned as a musical engineer creating sonic worlds and her pivotal career moments like when writing musical numbers for Mumbai High. They discuss the making of the score for For Sama, and the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door.The music in this episode was kindly provided by Nainita.Nainita Desai is a film composer. You can check out her work on her website and Instagram, also streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, and Spotify.Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website:

16: Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir on The Choreography of Editing and Choosing No Fear

Season 2, Ep. 6
Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir is a film editor from Iceland. Elisabet is one of today’s most fought after and acclaimed editors. Starting as a cinematographer, Elisabet instead found her footing in the editing room and with her edit of the Icelandic film "Reykjavík Rotterdam" and it's remake "Contraband" made the transition to Hollywood. Her experiences in editing dance films, short documentaries, and TV shaped Elisabet up to today being one of the biggest action cinema editors. She is the editor of the "John Wick" (2014), "Atomic Blonde" (2015), and "Deadpool 2" (2018.) She's also edited comedies like "Playing with Fire" (2019), TV drama’s like the Icelandic “Trapped” (2015-) and independent cinema like the film “Between Heaven and Earth” (2019.) She edited the upcoming Netflix female assassin film “Kate” (2021) and Marvel’s "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" (2021.) In this episode, Elisabet and Nadine talk about her Icelandic roots and the WW2-army-barack-turned-movie theatre where she fell in love with cinema. They chat about the importance of people over product and the ultimate trait of pushing through fear. They talk about film editing in three parts- pre production, in production, and post production. Elisabet shares about how she edits big action sequences and the importance of collaboration with stunt teams in connection to her experiences on "John Wick" and "Atomic Blonde." She tells us about her health scare on "Deadpool 2" and about the life rules she carries with her into the editing room and every day life.Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir is a film editor from Iceland. You can view her work nearly everywhere, like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. You can follow her on Instagram and IMBD.Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website: