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Creating Handpicked Berlin with Igor Ranc

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this episode, I talk with Igor Ranc about his journey as an online creative and writer, from his first online newspaper in 2008 to his newsletter Handpicked Berlin, which now has over 6,000 subscribers. We dive into everything from dealing with fear and the spotlight effect, to Igor’s experience taking an active sabbatical and creating his own startup, to the challenge of “hamster wheel content creation”, and the importance that distribution plays as a creator and entrepreneur. 




03:34 The origin of Handpicked Berlin

05:26 Defining success & traction as a creator

06:54 The evolution of Handpicked Berlin

09:08 Why keep going?

10:45 Balancing passion projects with full-time work

17:56 Embracing the journey & finding balance

22:53 Survivorship bias & compounding

26:00 Nothing happens without persistence

28:58 Compounding leading to growth

31:40 Community is the key

34:00 How things change when you have an audience

37:20 Metrics and growth traps

39:12 The urge to scale

42:56 The pressure to have side-hustles

45:00 Just start, nobody cares

49:14 Asking is free

52:00 Know the game you're playing

57:40 What to ask companies in interviews

01:01:17 Mastering salary negotiations

01:09:02 Book recommendations & final takeaways

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