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I'm Not Here To Hurt You

The Polite Bank Robber

Season 1, Ep. 3

Kevin and John play cops and robbers for a day – but there’s no getting past the fact - the victims are mounting.

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  • 6. The Bank Teller

    John’s story has caught the attention of many but none more so than the bank teller who played a part in his downfall. She gives the view from the other side of the counter.
  • 5. The Aftermath

    Freedom beckons but escaping the past is not an easy task. We all deal with pain in different ways.
  • 4. The Sentence

    A dark night of the soul brings John to the edge. He can’t find closure on the most important part of his story.
  • 2. The Inquest

    The accident has sparked a national debate and a police investigation. John’s world cracks and desperate times result in desperate measures.
  • 1. The Accident

    Life is on the right track for academic John O’Hegarty until a moment of recklessness sets him on a path to self-destruction.
  • Trailer: I'm Not Here To Hurt You

    How does a high-flying academic become one of Ireland's most prolific bank robbers? From the award winning team behind the Indo Daily comes I'm Not Here to Hurt You. Out now, wherever you get your podcasts.