I Love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders


Ep 256 : Laura Hughes & Bart Freebairn Love The 25/05/17 Letters

Season 1, Ep. 73
We love Green Guide Letters about Seven Types of Ambiguity's ridiculous, implausible plot, repeats, Masterchef and GARDENING AUSTRALIA returns to the letters page!  Plus quitting your job because a lack of Seinfeld references, Bart's run in with someone with a fruit spread in their name and a booby-trapped vagina!   MELBOURNE LIVE SHOW 16TH SEPTEMBER Club Voltare 4:15pm TICKETS     SUPPORT THE ONGOING PRODUCTION OF I LOVE GREEN GUIDE LETTERS AND RECIEVE EVERY EPISODE EVER IN FULL AND ENJOY ON GOING BONUS CONTENT FOR JUST $3 A MONTH. patreon.com/iLoveGGLetters     YOU CAN HELP Steele Wars with a sweet 5 star review on iTunes or plug the show on Facebook or Twitter.  I really appreciate it.      WANT TO HEAR COMEDIANS TALK STAR WARS? Being a Star Wars nerd has never been more enjoyable. - Rip It Up Magazine www.SteeleWars.com www.SteeleWars.com/iTunes     GET A FREE AUDIO BOOK & HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW! FOR A FREE 1 MONTH AUDIBLE TRIAL AND A FREE AUDIBLE BOOK CLICK www.audibletrial.com/letters. Get an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial. Cancel before your trial ends and you will not be charged.     Tweet Steele Saunders I Love Green Guide Letters

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