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Toppings Ep.94- Suitcases

Let's reassess our luggage before the big move!

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  • Gilmore Girls - S2E5

    The aftermath of the breakup with Max Madina still lingers, but it's getting better! There's a new Viggo in town.
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    We recap Emily's recent trip to Boston and Alessandra's week at Bonnaroo!
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    Emily is visiting her future home this week! We are so happy to be together.
  • Ep. 299 - Priscilla

    Sophia Coppola's biopic about the wife of The King is pretty horrifying. We discuss "Priscilla".
  • Gilmore Girls - S2E3

    Special guest Alex joins us for this messy episode of Gilmore Girls!
  • Ep. 298 - Sabrina (1954 & 1995)

    The Letter S in our Movie Alphabet series is Sabrina! So we watched both versions from 1954 and 1995.