If You Don't Mind

Madelaine Cherrington thinks we need to start having more honest and varied conversations about mental illness. Join Madelaine fortnightly for inspiring one on one interviews with people who bravely share their mental health journey.

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  • 32. Maddie

    A brand new episode of If You Don't Mind. Madelaine chats to the lovely Maddie, who happens to be one of the reasons the pod came into existence! They talk about Maddie's experience with anxiety during high school, living with chronic illness, and how we associate worth with productivity.

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  • 33. Concetta

    In this episode of If You Don't Mind, Madelaine chats to the very funny, very articulate, Concetta. Concetta opens up about her experience with domestic violence, the importance of therapy, and the complexities of talking about domestic violence.
  • 32. Julie

    It's our first ever international guest! Madelaine chats to the lovely Julie, currently living all the way in the US. Julie opens up about her experiences with anxiety and depression, and what it's like to access mental health care in the US.
  • 31. Jonah

    We're back, baby! To kick off our third season, Madelaine sits down with the lovely Jonah. Jonah opens up about his experiences with anxiety and depression, and how important sport and community has been in his recovery.
  • 30. Ruby

    On this weeks episode, Madelaine chats to host of Triple Bi Pass, Ruby. Ruby opens up about their experiences with depression and anxiety, and what it's like to receive a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder later in life.
  • 29. Jacqueline

    Madelaine sits down with the lovely Jacqueline and boy do they cover lots! Jacqueline opens up about about being a personal trainer and how it impacted her own body image, what it's like to experience psychosis, getting diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and the realities of studying medicine. 
  • Travelling with anxiety feat. If You Don't Mind Podcast.

    Joined by Maddie of the If You Don't Mind podcast, we discuss the common symptoms and causes of anxiety about travelling, as well as tips to help you overcome it.