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SP02 - "Please, not another podcast about women!"

Season 1, Ep. 18

Why is it important to talk about women's rights?

"Emancipation means the lack of discrimination (…) but emancipation is also a state of mind." 

says Judit Acsády in our interview. 

Women’s situation in Europe has steadily improved over the past decades but can we, therefore, be complacent about the condition of women’s rights? Inequalities and biases remain a fact in various spheres of women’s lives and the pandemic has already reversed many recent achievements. 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we prepared a podcast that shows the condition of women's rights in Central Europe seen from an expert and personal perspective. Listen to the interview about the historical development of women’s rights with a gender expert Judit Acsády as well as a personal discussion among ladies working at the IDM: Daniela Neubacher, Malwina Talik, Emma Hontebeyrie, and Federica Mangiameli. 

“Please, not another podcast about women” - some may say, feeling overwhelmed with the number of events on women taking place these days. At the same time, the current challenges women keep facing show us how important is to keep the discussion open to reach women's equality. 

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