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The Conservative Voice on the Future of Europe

Season 2, Ep. 5

On July 2, 2021, 16 national conservative political parties signed the so-called Joint Declaration on the Future of the European Union. In the document, they outlined their perception on the future of the EU: a re-deepening of sovereignty of Member States accompanied by the strengthening of the nation-state system in opposition to other more integrated visions of the EU.

What are the parties behind the document which was announced as a response to the Conference on the Future of Europe? How is it perceived in different European countries? And, finally, what role can the national conservative forces play in the Europe of tomorrow?

In the episode, Daniel Martinek is hosting Emilie Laborel, Dominik Koc and Misha Nychyporuk, current trainees at IDM, who are analysing both the Declaration and its signatory parties as well as their relations to the EU.

Production Emma Hontebeyrie

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