Central Europe Explained


EP13 - Before and After Joining the EU I

Season 1, Ep. 14

“We have to remember that the accession to the EU did not mean only the integration of the Central and Eastern European countries into the Western Europe but also an unprecedented integration of the Central Europe itself."

In our next episode, Daniel Martínek, research associate at IDM, is welcoming Vít Dostál, Research Director of the Prague-based Research Center AMO - Association for International Affairs. In their discussion, they are focusing on political, economic and social developments that have been encouraged by the EU integration of Central Europe, on the current situation shaped by more than 15 years of the EU membership and on the future prospects of Central Europe within the EU.

CEE - Central Europe Explained, an IDM podcast series powered by Erste Group.

With Vít Dostál and Daniel Martínek.

Production: Emma Hontebeyrie

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EP40 - Where the river flows, science follows

Season 2, Ep. 21
The Danube Tech Valley Initiative, Central Europe’s next innovative driver Countries of the Danube Region find common ground with their shared cultures and histories but also their variety of traditional industries. During the past decades, innovative technologies have flooded the region, although western countries remain the prominent leader in innovation. Yet, a new driver is awaiting, and it seems that Central Europe and the Danube Region only need the right resources.     The Danube Tech Valley Initiativeaims to actively use the region's innovative wealth to create a vibrant hub of industries and technology. Supported by the global think-tank GLOBSEC, the DTVI set the goal of building an innovative ecosystem in the Central European Region.     Which concrete opportunity does the Danube Tech Valley represent for CEE? Which obstacle lies ahead, especially regarding potential regional and EU-level dichotomies?  Sebastian Schäffer (IDM) tackled these questions with Wilhelm Molterer, Chairman of GLOBSEC Board of Directors, former Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister of Austria. Our guest recommendation:   Janoska Ensemble, THE BIG B‘s – Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Beatles, Bizet & Bartók Guest: Wilhelm Molterer, Chairman of GLOBSEC Board of Directors, former Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister of Austria. Host: Sebastian Schäffer, Managing Director at IDM Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM