cover art for EP 23: How Healthy Harold's Van changed everything.

Idle Australians with James Mathison and Osher Günsberg

EP 23: How Healthy Harold's Van changed everything.

Season 1, Ep. 23

You came to school one day and saw a van with a giraffe on the side of it parked where the headmaster usually parks.

Before big lunch you and your class were ushered inside.

What happened next changed health education in Australia.

Enjoy this ep all about how a Giraffe and a see-through mannequin helped a generation of kids have better lives.

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  • 25. [Rebroadcast] Brisbane's (other) Olympic Bid

    Special guest Jimmy, Wolfgang joins his Dad to bring you a rebroadcast of a very important episode.James Mathison and Osher Günsberg take you through the adventurous tale of the little city that could - Brisbane’s 1992 failed Olympic bid.Featuring special guest, ex-Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Sallyanne Atkinson.(Love you Brisbane)
  • 4. Ep 24: The greatest Australian songwriter you've never heard of - Mike Chapman

    “I don’t write songs, I write hits.”Mike Chapman has written more top ten hits than you've had hot dinners.You've sung his songs at Karaoke, you've danced to them at weddings and they're all from the mind of a young man from Nambour.Revel in the hitmachine that is Mike Chapman.We even made a partial Playlist for you to enjoy as you scream choruses to your house plants.
  • 22. EP 22: The majestic tale of the Dim Sim, Australia's contribution to Chinese cuisine.

    Coupla Dimmies.Jim and G reflect on the closing of one of Australia's most legendary Chinese Restaurants while highlighting the epic story of how one incredible entrepreneur created the Dim Sim for Australian tastes and went on to change take away food forever.
  • 21. ep21: How Australia Invented The Ute.

    The Ute.An Australian Icon. We speak with Paul Maric from about this incredible vehicle's origins and how it found its way into the heart of Australian culture.
  • 20. EP 20: How James and G once had a bite of your birthday cake.

    An episode all about shared cultural experiences told through mouthfuls of Birthday Cake.Birthday cakes in Australia were a pretty standard affair before the absolute game-changer Pamela Clarke came along.Now the Author of over 400 cookbooks -she was the muscle behind the book that turned baking on it's head - the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book.Line your pans with butter and open the box of Smarties, this is a great one.
  • 19. The origin story and legacy of Triple J

    The Australian music scene is one of the most diverse in the world, in no small part to the enormous support of landmark Australian radio station Triple J.We speak to jocks from the original line-up and those on-air now to explore this cornerstone of Australian culture.
  • 18. Carlotta the Queen of Kings Cross: Trans Rights, Real Estate Developers and how you can't make a joke anymore.

    Show business and Trans rights pioneer, Carlotta was the Queen of Kings Cross as the compere of "Les Girls" - an all-male revue that ran in Kings Cross for decades.She joins Jimmy & G to talk about how she can't make a joke without being cancelled and how Real Estate developers have sucked the soul out of a city.
  • 17. 17: Ryan Lappin from Cheez TV on being mates with a nation of kids.

    For ten years, Ryan Lappin was one of the hosts of Cheez TV, a morning cartoon show which was based on the premise: What if some kids broke into the TV station and started running things? Mostly left to their own devices, these two teenagers absolutely stretched the boundaries of TV, and had a great time doing it.