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Aria Dean on Abattoir

Artist and writer Aria Dean discusses her recent work and the thinking behind her current exhibition at the ICA Aria Dean: Abattoir. The exhibition, which includes an immersive film installation and new sculptural presentation, builds on the artist’s ongoing research into agricultural and industrial architecture, specifically the intimate connection between modernity and death on conceptual, political, and material levels at the site of the abattoir.

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  • Mark Fisher & David Graeber on bad management and bureaucracy

    A recording from 2015's 'Symposium: Bureaucracy' with Mark Fisher, David Graeber and Jeremy
  • The Walk and Talk

    This episode was recorded in early July 2023 and features a discussion between Twayna Mayne and a group of sixth form students from one of nearby secondary schools. Before the recording we went for a short walk together, bits of which you’ll hear throughout, and explored some of the environment local to the ICA. Along the way we talked about the ICA’s location on the Mall, the history of the building it’s currently in and how the 2020 show by the American conceptual artist Cameron Rowland’s made links between this and Britain’s wider colonial history.
  • Field Recordings: ASMR on the Mall

    In this short episode you’ll hear the ambient sounds of the Mall, the street that is home to both the ICA and Buckingham Palace, recorded two days before the Coronation.
  • Nick Makoha and The New Carthaginians

    Nick Makoha is a Ugandan poet, playwright and the ICA’s former poet-in-residence.In this episode he is joined by Twayna Mayne to discuss his research project: TheNew Carthaginians and the links he makes in it between the Entebbe hijacking,Icarus and the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  • I do this everyday: pass it on

    Artists Lorenza Peragine and Ivana Sehic talk about their project ‘I do this everyday: pass it on’, which encompassed a 30-min public performance with video projection on the streets of Shoreditch, London, and a 4-hour workshop at the ICA in December 2022. The artists begin by discussing the concepts behind the project: the ‘production of space’ and our response to instrutctions present in a public space. They then read and comment on some of the movement scores devised by the ICA workshop participants. In the last part, they discuss the project in relation to the politics of public spaces in London, and bring examples from their past work with Flock collective and their PhD research.The project was produced in collaboration between the University of Roehampton, Colégio das Artes Coimbra (Portugal) and the ICA, with support from Santander. More about the project and trailer: More about the artists:Ivana Sehic Peragine
  • Neneh Cherry, Naima Karlsson + more on Moki Cherry's life, love and work as an artist and mother

    Moki Cherry’s family discusses collaging as working class art, the wisdom of children, and how family life and artmaking are part of the same practice.With Neneh Cherry, Naima Karlsson, Tyson McVey, Linder Sterling and Hettie Judah.Exhibition curated by Naima Karlsson and Nicola LeongEvent programmed by Susanna Davies-Crook and Nicola LeongRecorded by Cheyanne MccormackEdited by Justin Tam
  • Swindle: how to write a track with Kojey Radical, grime on TV, producing like a musician.

    Swindle has come far from his days experimenting with grime, funk and dubstep, but he still carries the craft of a jazz musician. In this conversation with Nicolas-Tyrell Scott, from the Town Hall conversations, Swindle talks about how he wrote a track with Kojey Radical, seeing more grime on mainstream TV, the different methods in writing for TV in Candice Carty-Williams' show Champion, and how he's never stopped learning.Recorded Wednesday 28 Jun 2023 at the ICA in London.Featuring Swindle and Nicolas-Tyrell ScottRecorded by Ben MoonEdited by Justin Tam
  • Yvonne Rainer: avoiding the audience gaze, filmmaking vs dancing, accepting mistakes

    Yvonne Rainer and film research Oliver Fuke have a conversation to open a season at the ICA celebrating the dancer and choreographer's body of film work. She reflects many years back on how she experimented with form between filmmaking and dancing, on being accused of not caring about the audience, and on how she'd never change anything about her films.Yvonne Rainer: A Retrospective17 - 27 August 2023, at the ICA,