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Man Up, Snowflake 3

Ep. 3

More ramblings as I try and make some sense of what is a very insane world. I'm OK...ish. How are you doing? This will be a sharing of mine and eventually your war stories, but more importantly it's me trying to find things that work for me, sharing them with you and seeing if any of them work for you. They may not, and that's OK. But maybe it will inspire you to find your own things that can help lift the fug of living in 2020.

We are not alone.

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  • 5. Daytime friends with Iain Lee #5 - Gestalt

    02:03:45 which I get called out for enjoying Rock of Love, we talk about loneliness, and someone won't quite give me what i want.
  • 3. Daytime Friends with iain Lee #3 - Milky Daniel

    Things start to pick up a bit on the newest show. Listen to Alistair working out how to use his new lappy, Stu can't stop laughing and Milky Daniel confuses us all.
  • 2. Daytime Friends with Iain Lee

    ...or is it Iain Lee's Daytime Friends? Who knows but this is a spontaneous phone in show with me, iain Lee, as the host and your calls. Pretty much anything goes. You can hear this weeks before anyone else by signing up to my Oatreon at
  • A spontaneous Phone-In

    I was having a bloomin' nightmare with my computer audio so I decided to do a test on Twitch. This then turned into a lovely phone-in. I should warn you that this does feature talk about Covid, so if you are sick to the back teeth of the virus, you may want to skip this one.
  • 1. Lost Revisited with Iain Lee - Season 1 Episode 1 Part 1

    Or 'Watch A Long A Lost with Iain Lee'.I loved the TV show Lost, I was completely obsessed and lucky enough to work on 'The Lost Initiative' - the first ever official podcast to go alongside a TV show.16 years after Lost first aired, I am back watching every single episode and recording a commentary for you to listen to as you watch (although I muff it up in this episode, apologies) and then give my thoughts and take your calls. Feel free to leave a message on 0203 286 6370 about this episode!
  • 2. Man Up, Snowflake 2

    A little audio diary, looking at my relapse, mental health and wondering how the hell we can make sense of the nightmare that is 2020. Get these podcasts 10 weeks early by joining at
  • 4. Daytime Friends with Iain Lee #4 - I watch my I'm A Celebrity for the first time!

    A brand new phone in show from me, Iain Lee. Daytime Friends is chilled, relaxed and anything goes. A little less manic than some of the stuff I've done. Lee confesses to letting his son skive school and I spot a white nationalist before he's allowed to deliver his message! Oh, and I watch some I'm a Celeb that I was in for the first time! If you want to hear the other eipsodes before they get released to the public then have a look at
  • Man Up, Snowflake with Iain Lee

    Hello, Iain Lee here. I thought it was probably time to start a mental health podcast. I won't tell you what to do, how to get well or where you have been going wrong. Instead, I'll just share my story and experience and maybe some of yours too. if you'd like to be a guest on the show and talk about your mental health, then please email me