• 1. Looking Towards a New Era

    IAB’s Executive Vice President of Public Policy Dave Grimaldi joins IAB Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens to offer an inside look at D.C’s atmosphere in the aftermath of the unprecedented events of January 6th. Our experts also discuss what Democratic control of Congress and the White House might mean for the digital advertising industry. Will anti-trust legislation against Big Tech be more likely under a Democratic government? This and more on our latest episode of IAB Real. 
  • 14. What comes next?

    It has been a little over two weeks since the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Yet the level of uncertainty in our nation’s capital has seemingly reached new heights as the nation braces for the Georgia Senate runoff this January. In this episode of IAB Real, IAB’s Executive Vice President of Public Policy, Dave Grimaldi, joins IAB Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens to discuss the outcome of the election and predict how the impending administration change will impact the digital advertising industry.  
  • 13. Recap: 2020 IAB Podcast Upfront Day Two

    It’s a wrap on day two of the IAB Podcast Upfront! On this special edition of IAB Real, Sebastian Tomich, Global Head of Advertising and Marketing Solutions at The New York Times joins IAB’s Brad Berens and Zoe Soon to review the current state of digital audio. In case you missed the second day, Zoe and Brad will recap the event with guest Marshall Williams, CEO and Partner of Ad Results Media, which included presentations from Acast, American Public Media, Barstool Sports, ESPN, The New York Times, podsights, Pushkin Industries, ViacomCBS, and Vox Media Podcast Network.
  • 12. Recap: 2020 IAB Podcast Upfront Day One

    The 2020 IAB Podcast Upfront has officially commenced! The three-day virtual event allows media buyers to preview the latest and greatest in podcast programming from the biggest names in digital audio. Lizzy Denihan, VP of Sales at Cadence13 joins IAB’s Brad Berens and Zoe Soon to recap the first day in this special edition of IAB Real. Tune in to learn about the presentation highlights, special guests, and more.
  • 11. The TikTok ban and a Fall Without Sports

    This week speculation became fact as the U.S. executive branch put forward plans to ban the social media platform TikTok. In our latest episode of IAB Real, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg, IAB President David Cohen, and IAB Tech Lab President Dennis Buchheim sit down to discuss what this could mean for the tech giant’s future. They also explore what the media and marketing landscape could look like if the lack of sports continues and the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media.
  • 10. We Are People Before We Are Professionals

    In our latest episode of IAB Real, IAB President David Cohen sits down with Kate Edmondson and Nina Munoz, two up-and-coming IABers to discuss their career paths, working remotely during a pandemic, and what advertisers may misunderstand about Gen Z. Tune in to find out what these burgeoning professionals are most optimistic about, despite the world heading deeper into the unknown. 
  • 9. Disruption by Technology and Embracing New Opportunities

    In this episode of IAB Real, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg discovers how IAB Tech Lab President Dennis Buchheim ended up in the wild and woolly world of digital advertising, despite graduating with a degree in computer science, and how he got to IAB then Tech Lab from Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo! From measurement to upheavals in personalization, Dennis comments on how he has seen the industry evolve. They also discuss the recent privacy focused IDFA (identifier for advertising) changes with Apple’s recent announcement and why the industry should care. Could a single company destabilize personalization and measurement? How is the digital advertising community preparing for this moment of instability?
  • 8. How the Ad Agency Model Is Evolving (POV from a Former Insider)

    In this episode of IAB Real, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg gathers insights from IAB’s very own ad agency insider, IAB President David Cohen whose 21-year career at IPG included senior roles at both MAGNA and Universal McCann (UM). What are David’s thoughts on coming to a trade association from the advertising industry? What will the advertising agency landscape look like five years from now? Is the current advertising agency model holding the industry back? Tune in to find out more.
  • 7. Political advertising, boycotts, and the new NewFronts

    The election year, in conjunction with the unprecedented civil unrest in the U.S., has seen both advertisers and publishers taking strong stances. In this week’s IAB Real Podcast, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg and IAB President David Cohen touch on the upcoming changes to political advertising--why are publishers rethinking taking money from political candidates? The two provocateurs also provide highlights and insights from the 2020 IAB NewFronts--who could be at risk as a result of the streaming TV revolution?