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It Was All A Dream

Ep. 2, "Purpose and Legacy" ft Afred "Shivy" Brooks & Jamaal Thomas

In this riveting episode of "Purpose and Legacy", we are thrilled to welcome two prominent thought leaders, Alfred "Shivy" Brooks, and Jamaal Thomas. As they engage in a profound dialogue, our guests explore the interconnection between purpose and legacy.

Shivy and Jamaal dive deep into their understanding of purpose, describing it as a dynamic compass that guides actions and fuels passions. They discuss how this purpose evolves with personal growth and experiences, shaping our path through life.

But how does this purpose influence our legacy? Find out as our guests delve into the intricate relationship between purpose and action, and how these actions carve out the legacy we leave behind.

This episode promises to be a profound exploration of self-understanding, passion, and life's journey. Whether you're already on your path or still searching for your purpose, this conversation with Shivy and Jamaal offers invaluable insights to guide you. Listen in and discover more about your own journey towards purpose and legacy.

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