I Love You, California


Ep 15 - The Carson Mansion

Season 1, Ep. 15

Eureka CA has a long storied history that is integral to the California story almost as much as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Yosemite.  In 1849 one of the early Gold Rush people to come to California from Canada was a man named William Carson. After making a bit of money in gold Carson, a woodsman by trade, decided to move up north to the Trinity Mountains area to pursue the northern gold rush.  In 1950 he felled the first tree in the Humboldt bay area - not long after he went full time into the logging business and sent the first loads of redwood to San Francisco. He made a fortune in logging, shipping, and railroad industry on the Humboldt bay and decided to partner with his company a build a grand mansion - a house that is still today considered the gold standard in American Queen Anne Victorian style houses in America.

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