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Ep6: Snooker, Dennis Potter, Slot Machines & Shake Your Gragger

Ep. 6
This week, we learn about the psychological impact of slot machine sound effects, the use of the gragger in Judaism, and Dennis Potter’s trademark lip synching techniques.This week’s brief guest appearance is by the poet Theophilus Kwek.Check him out here: Also, here’s Frank’s interview with Theophilus Kwek on the Ragbag podcast: Source material: Tapotement: O’Sullivan’s World Record for fastest maximum break: Ratchet: Impact of Sound in Modern Multiline Video Slot Machine Play: The Singing Detective: Shake Your Gragger: Dry Bones: Laurie Anderson, Is Anybody Home? Music by Lee Rosevere: details about Frank Burton:Frank’s website: (Visit for more details about Frank’s books, A History of Sarcasm, One Hundred, and Everything I Am, plus the video series The Ragbag Rambler.)Frank’s email: fjb79@hotmail.comTwitter & Instagram: @ragbagpresents