I Just Bought Myself a Pocket Synth and I’m Gonna Sell My Beats to Drake with Masud Milas


Hookin’ Them In

Season 1, Ep. 4

Masud Milas has just bought a pocket synth and wants to sell his beats to Drake – but how do you make it in the music industry?

Follow Masud on this 6 part series to find out what, who, where and how you make it, by speaking to those who know best and are part of the industry already.

On this episode, Masud mines more insight from his musically talented friends on how to get that one killer track, the one song that will sling shot him to fame. He ask around ‘What makes a hit?’ ‘Is authenticity important?’ and ‘Can anyone do it, or is it just in you…?

We hear from Metronomy’s drummer Anna Prior, Primal Scream bassist Simone Marie, Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart, and more from the world of music management, A&R, producers, musicians and singer songwriters.

This is a Soho Radio Productions Podcast in collaboration with Jägermeister.


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