I Do Consent Podcast

Season 2 is HERE! Tune in and follow on your podcast service as I share a great new set of episodes produced to mark the International Day of Consent 2023

SUGGESTION - If you are a new listener, start at the beginning of Season 2 episode 1, which is a bonus episode sharing my brand new framework for navigating consent, The Consent Compass.

Advisory: IDoConsent is for everyone - learning about choices, consensus and freedom is something people of all ages and backgrounds can get into. Still, some episodes contain strong language or references to adult themes. General guidance is that all episodes are suitable for around age 14+. Some episodes would be of interest to younger listeners. I'd recommend reading the show notes on each episode if you want a clearer idea of whether the content is for you, or for people in your care.

Consent is transformative - and definitely NOT something that should be kept in the bedroom. Consent and how we use our personal freedom to make choices (our agency), hold ourselves and each other to account, connect, relate and interact in relationship with our selves, each other, and the world around us can be a practice for justice and liberation. The personal is political.

Originally launched on the International Day of Consent #IDoConsent on 30th November 2021, this podcast series is hosted by me, Jenn Wilson (aka @IrregularJenn), founder of the International Day of Consent, and features conversations with people who are committed to practicing consent in their own lives and in the ways they connect with the world.

Year on year, the impact of the International Day of Consent is growing, with more and more people and communities looking for tools and ideas for transforming lives through consent, and working towards consensus, community and common good.

I Do Consent highlights the practices of consent in different spaces, settings and situations. I offer my own insight as a self-confessed 'consent geek', focussing on consent since 2017. I also share conversations with others who are working to build and grow consent culture in their lives, work, and/or relationships. Guests appearing in Season 1 included some pioneers in consent practice: Kitty Stryker, editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture” and Betty Martin, author of “The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent”.

Writing, resources and tools to support the themes in I Do Consent Podcast are available online at www.idoconsent.org and my wider work in consent advocacy, training, coaching, writing and the performing arts can be found at www.irregular.org.uk

I strongly suggest listening to Season 2 trailer and episode 1, before returning to the amazing episodes in Season 1, and listening up to the latest... or searching for episodes on the themes you're most interested in.

If you want to follow up, ask questions, offer to be a future guest or just find out more, you're welcome to contact me via the IRREGULAR website. Please go ahead and share, like, review or comment on the Podcast or on your social media platforms #IDoConsent

Thanks for listening

Jenn x