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Exploring consent culture with Jenny Wilson, instigator of the International Day of Consent

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  • 1. I Do Consent 1 - Consent Is Transformative

    Welcome to the I Do Consent Podcast with Jenny Wilson. In this introductory episode, Jenny talks through the Consent Manifesto and why she instigated the International Day of Consent, and offers the FRIES framework as a core tool for navigating and practicing consent. FRIES stands for:Freely givenReversibleInformedEngagedSpecificJenny talks through the framework, which is the basis for her work on consent credit: Heitor Alves

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  • 2. Consent Culture - with Kitty Stryker

    In episode 2, Jenny is in conversation with Kitty Stryker, the USA based activist, writer and educator who co-curated the 2020 Online International Festival of Consent and continues to work with Jenny to champion the International Day of Consent. Together they discuss what consent culture means to them, personally and politically.Kitty Stryker has been working on defining and creating consent culture for over 10 years through her writing, workshops, and website She’s the editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture”, and is especially interested in bringing conversations about consent out of the bedroom into everyday life. Additionally, Kitty is a sex worker and academic of the history of obscenity, censorship, and queer culture.
  • 3. Give and Take - with Betty Martin

    In conversation with the wonderful Betty Martin, we explore sexuality and consent; the power of giving and receiving consent - and separating out those two feelings; consensual sex work; and an introduction to the core principles of Betty's concept: The Wheel of Consent.Dr. Betty Martin has had her hands on people professionally for over 40 years, first as a Chiropractor and upon retiring from that practice, as a certified Surrogate Partner, Sacred Intimate, and Somatic Sex Educator. Her explorations in somatic-based therapy and practices informed her creation of the framework, The Wheel of Consent®.bettymartin.orgwheelofconsentbook.comShow notes and transcripts:
  • 4. Sex, men and communication - with Sian Johnson

    Jenny is in conversation with Sian Johnson, about her work as a sexological body worker and intimacy coach, working with men as clients. Together they discuss the assumptions and expectations that can get in the way of enjoying authentic intimacy and good sex. They explore how men can be harmed by these assumptions and expectations, and how people of all genders could benefit from improving communication around sex.Sian is a Somatic Sex Therapist, Tantric Masseuse and Intimacy Coach at "Pleasure . Potential . Power". Working from the Leeds Bradford area she sees clients from across West Yorkshire and beyond and is available online anywhere in the world. She is a Professional coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, kink practitioner and intimacy coach and has had the good fortune to have trained with Betty Martin in The Wheel of Consent – it was so good she did it twice! - all episodes are here with transcriptions for access
  • 5. Consent and words - Upwording with Rivca Rubin

    Episode 5 explores consensual language. Jenny is in conversation with Rivca Rubin, instigator of Upwording: a global appeal for change to a desirable world for all by evolutionising thinking through everyday use of language"Our communications today are still riddled with phrases and concepts that cultivate hierarchies and uphold inequalities. If our intention is to move to environments that nurture mutual benefit, promote autonomy and responsible living, we can choose to make active shifts in our intention and language that facilitate, rather than hinder this.When intention changes, the impact is instant – even very small changes create instant positive impacts with self and others." - upwording podcast gives you full briefing on upwordingFollow Upwording on Facebook or InstagramUpwording and Consent Culture: See links to video recordings from the International Festival of Consent in 2020 - Show notes and transcription available here:
  • 6. Festive special short

    In this special short podcast for the holidays, Jenny Wilson offers a few ideas for practising consent at Christmas time and over the holidays.This content is suitable for everyone... share it with your kids and your grannies!Please support this podcast so we can keep recording new episodes and share them throughout 2022 - thank you.
  • 7. Consent Reclaimed - IWD22 special

    This special International Women's Day episode is a full hour long, to include many voices, all from women in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. This diverse group express different aspects of consent as we emerge from the Covid pandemic.They discuss identity, social expectations, parenting, domestic violence, online dating, disability, cultural differences and respect, considering how we can use our agency, autonomy and choices, and what kinds of social change we'd like to see.With special thanks to Irregular Arts, BCB Radio, Culture at CBDMC, Helen Seymour and Sophie Powell.