I did, now I don't...

  • 3. Dating after Divorce

    Let's talk about dating and what this new world looks like after divorce! Do you have a disaster dating story you want to share? We would love to have you on or send us an email at idonowidont@gmail.com.
  • 2. Making new friends

    On this episode join Sarah and I as we discuss friendships and our favorite ways to connect with others. As well as stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Got a suggestion for a topic or want to talk with us email us at: idonowidontinbox@gmail.com
  • 1. Welcome to the land of the divorced and fabulous

    On this our first episode, Sarah and I would like to introduce ourselves with a little back story of how we got to live this fabulous divorced single mom life and as always laughing as we go along. Hoping to entertain and maybe, just maybe help anyone who is needing a little encouragement, or uplifting advice to get through what can be an extremely stressful chapter in our stories....