Human Restoration Project


92: Paul Geheeb and the School of Humanity

Ep. 92

Today we’re doing something a bit different. I was checking my email a few months ago, and I have Google Scholar set up to send me articles about progressive education, and this name showed up I had never heard of before: Paul Geheeb. Geheeb was a German school leader who led a progressive school at the advent of the Nazi seizure of power. The story is wildly interesting in terms of historical significance as well as progressive pedagogy, as Geheeb led a self-directed school centered on learning by doing. We’ve gathered information about the relatively unknown life of Paul Geheeb, and we wanted to present this to you. Enjoy.

*Not stated in the episode, but relevant information due to Odenwaldschule's recent closure. "Odenwaldschule" is a separate entity from the Odenwaldschule Gaheeb opened in 1910. It was then reopened under the same name in the 1930s by the Nazi party, which continued to operate until a series of sexual abuse scandals in the 2010s.


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