Human Restoration Project


99: Behaviorism & "Cog Sci" - Oh No!

In this podcast, Nick and I are continuing our foray into random topics of progressive education! Today's episode centers cognitive science, research movements, and "studies of the brain." Within, we'll be talking about what's currently going on at HRP, articles and books that Nick and I have been reading recently, what's going on in our classrooms, Q&A from listeners via Twitter, and then a pop-quiz for who stays alive.

And we discuss:

  • Mary-Helen Immordino-Yang's work and development in neuroscience
  • Audrey Watter's Teaching Machines, and the history of B.F. Skinner/behaviorism, especially his behaviorist "Utopian" book Walden Two
  • Nick using the "Tier List Maker" for class assignments
  • Chris using Floop for workshoping and ungrading
  • Responding to "How do you motivate reluctant learners?" and "What does a student-driven curriculum look like in practice?"
  • A game show(!) featuring "Doug Lemov (Teach Like a Champion) said what!?" and "Ungrading: The Research." Who will be sent out of the airlock?

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