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209 Prue Rocchi: Sustainable Teeth

Ep. 209

Prue Rocchi

Prue is the co-founder at Rocc Naturals. Prue is a health obsessive who was beguiled by not being able to find a family toothbrushing solution that was effective and could also make the world a better place. So she created Rocc Naturals, which refreshingly ticks all these boxes: All natural ingredients, Packaging looks great, Good for the earth, Full of vitamins and minerals.

Neon Treehouse

I'm really pleased to announce that Humans of Purpose has partnered with digital agency and major season sponsor, Neon Treehouse. Neon Treehouse are a bold and creative team, delivering bright and imaginative solutions in the digital space. They are the digital agency I would send any of my trusted friends or colleagues to.

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