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How To Kill An Hour - with Marcus Bronzy and Friends

39 Bang Fit Fraud / F*ckoffee

The gang check out escape rooms London Bridge, have a Fuckoffee, we find out what ‘Bang Fit’ is, talk, gym buses, time stamping porn new twitter rules and loads more on this weeks HTKAH with Marcus Bronzy and Funk Butcher… What you think of the show? Let us know by clicking here!

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  • 44. 044 - You Would Steal a Car

    On this episode... Punny jokes, tap to a harsh armbar and the John Wick of the elderly!
  • 43. 043 - Roadhouse and Fish Finger Sandwhiches

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  • 42. 042 - bullet Train

    On this episode... Brad Pitt, Lost Alligators and a Flame Throwing Dog?!?Read more: get 3 months trial on audible click here
  • 41. 041 - Wet Nurse

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