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How to Eat to Save The Planet

Food Waste - A Failure Of The Imagination

Season 1, Ep. 5

Melissa Hemsley - eco-queen and author of Eat Green - raids the fridge at top cookery school Cucina Caldesi to show us what can be made using a bunch of old carrots and a lot of creativity.

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  • 7. The Pulse of The Nation

    Gilly concludes series one with a possible answer to the title question of How to Eat To Save The Planet. With the help of Hodmedod's co-founder Nick Saltmarsh and eco-chef Tom Hunt, she discovers the story of a very British bean.
  • 4. Salmon Scaling: Making The Most Of The Whole Fish

    Gilly discovers the age-old tradition of smoking salmon and reusing the skin for salmon leather with third generation smoker, Lawrence Forman and St Martin’s graduate designer, Andrea Liu.
  • 3. Hyperlocal

    Isaac At is a fine dining restaurant in Brighton focused on sourcing all of its ingredients locally from Sussex and the surrounding area. It was also the first restaurant in the world to serve an exclusively all English wine list. Gilly meets the team to discover how fine dining can be super sustainable and reveals a lot of usable everyday advice and hacks that everyone can adopt.
  • 2. Let's Go Wassailing!

    Gilly Smith begins her quest to find out how to eat to save the planet on her own patch in rural East Sussex with the first gathering of her new neighbourhood climate resilience group, The Green Onion Society. They're getting back to the land to share their skills from bread making to tree planting and growing their own vegetables for the year ahead. They recreate the medieval tradition of the Wassail, to wish each other health and happiness in the bleak mid winter.
  • 1. The Dairy Farm Debate

    In the series' opening episode, Gilly Smith looks at the dairy industry with ethical farmers, Becky and Patrick Holden, to understand the importance of organic dairy farming to humans, animals and the planet. Their farm is the longest certified organic dairy farm in the UK and Patrick is CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust.
  • 1. Promotional trailer

    Coming soon - a brand new series that takes a comprehensive look at sustainable food production from field to fork. Each week, food journalist Gilly Smith looks at how we can learn from the past to net-zero the way we eat by learning some of the traditional skills that have got lost in our shrink-wrapped, consumption-heavy, busy-brained lives, rolling back the years to a time when food came from around the corner, when living off the land meant living lightly on the planet - and to find out how to do it now.