How's Your Week Been?

Comedian Lou Conran asks that all important question, just how has your week been?

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  • HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? Christmas Message from Lou Conran

    Well she's been tardy, she's been busy, but she wanted to say hello before the big fella in the pj's turns up and spreads his "joy". A tiny catchup. Lou is keen for your emails over Christmas, so get in touch on and tell her about your Festivities, tell her about your New Year and if you've got any resolutions for 2024? Ho Ho Ho.... x

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  • 14. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    Bonjour et al!! Lou is back after a tiny break, with more delightful waffle and boll0cks. This week, she tackles the delights of colonic irrigation, Bake Off Extra Slice, the fact she's in this series of Brassic, and some delightful contributions from the listeners. This week it's Jennifer, Sam and Lydia. Tell Lou how your week has been on SHE WANTS IT.
  • 13. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    NOW THEN.... The quality of this recording was so bad that Lou had to edit it quite considerably, so apologies for a shorter episode. She did however manage to talk about her ghostly adventures, in Leeds, and that is probably the reason the recording was so bad. Who doesn't believe in a bit of ghostly interference ay?!
  • 12. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    A weird one this. So not only is Lou talking to you with all her bones broken, the GC with no fingers, but their neighbour Keith pops in to give them an update on the prep for his colonoscopy which is delightful. Les the builder turns up, and it's all go in the garden. Emails this week from Matt, Fjola, Vicky and Sam! if you want to share your week, you can do on DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW!
  • 11. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    Bonjour! This week Lou discusses the virtues of Shirley Valentine, drugs at festivals, weird dreams and knob rot.... also emails from Emily, and Mark. If you want to share how your week has been, pls email Lou on and let her know. Thanks y'all!
  • 10. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    Well it's late but it's here! This week Lou discusses her dislike of festivals, is she really too old? And where is your happy place? Lou's is bed or the sofa eating supernoodles. You? And emails from Emily, Lydia and Mandy. How's your week been? Email Lou and tell her on
  • 9. HOW'S YOUR WEEK BEEN? with Lou Conran

    GOOD DAY! Lou waffles on this week in her own unique fashion about the love of dogs, the dislike of what comes out of dogs, the "No no square" and getting someone banged up. This weeks emails come from Emily, Vicky and an update from Lydia. To tell Lou what you've been up to then email her on as she really wants to hear from you. No, really.