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How To Save Our Planet

Bamboo Bliss: Intimates with purpose, the evolution of Boody with Shaun Greenblo

Season 1, Ep. 59

A central element of Boody's approach is the use of bamboo-based fabrics. We'll uncover the remarkable sustainability benefits of bamboo, from its rapid growth to its minimal water usage, and understand how it aligns perfectly with Boody's mission.

Transparency and honesty are at the heart of Boody's brand. We'll explore how Boody promotes these values in the fashion and e-commerce industry. Boody, Australia and New Zealand’s first B Corp Certified, sustainable underwear brand, is redefining the way we think about our clothing choices.

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  • 60. From Threads to Soil: Farmer’s Quest for Circular Cotton Solutions

    Join us in this groundbreaking episode as we explore the world-first trial led by Sam, a visionary cotton grower, to return used cotton clothing to the soil. Learn how the Cotton Research Development Corporation's $2 million investment is shaping circularity in the cotton industry, diverting clothing waste from landfills and closing the loop by returning cotton to the farm. Dive into the partnership between industry leaders and discover the scalable solutions that promise a sustainable future for textiles. Don't miss this insightful conversation about the circular journey from fields to fashion!
  • 58. BYO Containers: Is it illegal to BYO?

    This is the BYO Containers story—a call to action for change. In this episode, Lottie Dalziel chats with Bianca Cottle, founder of BYO Containers, to unravel the eco-conscious journey of reusing in Australia. Discover the legal insights, environmental impact, and why the simplicity of reuse trumps compostables. Bianca shares the transformative power of showing up with your reusables, sparking conversations on sustainability. Join us for a conversation that goes beyond laws and legislation, diving into the heart of a movement that's shaping a greener, more sustainable future.
  • 57. Soft Landing: Keep your old mattresses out of landfill in one go

    This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of sustainable practices and the circular economy. Join us in this eye-opening episode as we delve into the world of sustainable mattress recycling with the General Manager of Soft Landing. Discover how Soft Landing is revolutionizing the way we think about mattress disposal, tackling environmental challenges head-on. Learn about their innovative processes, environmental impact, and the journey from waste to resource. Tune in and explore the green side of a good night's rest!
  • 56. Protect Australia’s Ocean for good: A deep dive with Dave Rastovich

    Dive into the depths of ocean conservation and activism with our extraordinary guest, Dave Rastovich. A global sport activist, co-host of the Waterpeople Podcast, and a driving force behind Patagonia's upcoming "PROTECT AUSTRALIA’S OCEAN FOR GOOD" events, Dave is not only a celebrated free surfer but also a dedicated advocate for our planet.Organised by Patagonia, the free events will travel to Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay between 8-12 November. Expect in-conversations with leading climate activists, live music and special screenings of acclaimed short-films focused on ocean protection and climate solutions. Find out more here .
  • 55. Breaking up with non-stick: Kate Slavin's mission for sustainable kitchens

    With 72% of Australians disposing of non-stick pots and pans, Kate delves into the startling consequences of this widespread practice. We explore the presence of harmful PFAS ("forever chemicals") in these cookware items and their lasting effects on the environment and human well-being.But it's not all bleak. Kate shares her mission to bring about a significant change in the cookware industry. With a push to ban PFAS in Australia by 2025, she's eager to see a more sustainable and healthy future for kitchens across the country.
  • 54. Sipping Sustainability: Coffee Cup Recycling with Brendan Lee of Simply Cups

    Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for an engaging and relaxed chat with Brendan Lee, the coffee cup recycling extraordinaire from Simply Cups. In this episode, we unravel the secrets behind Simply Cups' mission to make coffee cup recycling a breeze and why it's such a crucial part of the sustainability puzzle. Brendan takes us behind the scenes, explaining how Simply Cups collects and recycles coffee cups while keeping things simple.
  • 53. Striving for climate action with independent Allegra Spender MP

    In this episode, Lottie is chatting with independent Allegra Spender. Allegra is part of the group dubbed the teal independents and strives for climate action and kindness within the community. She and Lottie discuss electric vehicles, climate action and how to positively impact your own community
  • 52. Ditching Plastic, Changing Lives with the Plastic Free July Movement with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

    Join us for an empowering episode as we sit down with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the inspiring founder of Plastic Free July. We delve into the origins of the Plastic Free July movement and the importance of reducing plastic consumption for a sustainable future. Rebecca shares insights on how the campaign encourages individuals to take small, impactful actions to reduce plastic waste, not just during the month of July but throughout the year. Find out more here.