How To Have Fun At Work with Lynne Parker

Do you have fun at work? Lynne Parker spent years working in public relations and marketing and although she was good at it she wasn’t having fun. Then somebody told her that women weren’t funny and the rest is history.

Lynne created Funny Women in 2002 and it’s grown to become the leading community for female comedy empowering thousands of women to have a voice, through performing, writing and creating content. The celebrated Funny Women Awards are the beating heart of the community and many past winners and finalists are now household names.

Lynne describes Funny Women as her life’s work and she produces hundreds of comedy and workplace events annually. In this podcast she mixes up her two worlds with guests from both comedy and business. It’s surprising how much they have in common!

Oh, and if you like what you hear, check out to find out how you can bring Funny Women into your workplace.

Lynne Parker

Award-winning producer Lynne Parker created Funny Women In 2002, a leading comedy community empowering women to perform, write, do business and have a voice. The annual Funny Women Awards have changed the face of comedy. In addition to producing shows and events all over the UK, Lynne is a renowned performance coach encouraging people in business and public life to 'stand up to stand out'. Using techniques based on stand-up Lynne and her team of experts has developed workshops and events under the HERlarious brand to improve self-confidence, develop presentation skills and build teams.