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How to Do Drugs

Jennifer Steele-Mondello

Ep. 57

This week Jennifer Steele-Mondello is on the podcast promoting her first book, Adult Agency - A Memoir. Jennifer talks about her time in the adult industry, why she loves acid, her love of weed, and why she's excited to write more!

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  • 74. Mat Edgar

    Comedian Mat Edgar jumps on the pod and talks about why he doesn't like drinking or smoking before shows, his first time doing mushrooms, high school crushes, and more!
  • 73. Trent Ludzack

    In this episode I sit down with comedian and Veteran Trent Ludzack. He talks about his time serving, working for a beer distribution company, hangover tricks, and more!
  • 72. LeMaire Lee and Becky Rodríguez

    It's the Easter Brunch episode with LeMaire Lee and Becky Rodríguez! We're drinking. We're smoking. We're brunching, hard. Listen in as I destroy another person's name and some good-time stories.
  • 71. Juan Medrano

    In this episode, 27-year-old comedian Juan Medrano talks about growing up in California, drinking and using drugs at a young age, and his recent sobriety.
  • 70. Tina Youkhana

    In this episode, Chicago comedian Tina Youkhana chats about the first time she smoked pot with her mom, using LSD for self-reflection, growing up in Chicago, and more!
  • 69. Lucas Hinderliter

    I'm back, baby! After a couple of months off and now recording from Austin, Texas, I am back! In this episode, I have Lucas Hinderliter, another NYC transplant comedian. He talks about how a few bad habits and cleaning up landed him in Austin and a few fun acid stories!
  • 68. Lucy Hart

    Lucy Hart comes on the pod and talks about her transition and the difference between shooting porn as a man and as a woman. She also talks about her former user days as a man and her current sobriety. Also, acid trips, different dimensions, and why she was a horrible drug dealer.
  • 67. Josyln Jane

    This week porn star Joslyn Jane comes on the pod and talks about growing up in Florida and New York, her first time trying different drugs and why, why she doesn't like pain pills, and more!
  • 66. Myka Fox

    This week the hilarious and wonderful Myka Fox talks about her recent sobriety from alcohol and tricking her brain, why she likes acid more than mushrooms, her love of cocaine and why she can't do it anymore, and more!