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How to Do Drugs

Dan Davis and J. Handy - The 420 Expo

Ep. 56

This week the creators and producers of the 1st 420 cannabis expo, Dan Davis and J. Handy, are on the pod! They chat about why they wanted to do a cannabis expo, what the 3-day event will entail, and some hilarious personal stories of smoking with celebrities and more!

The expo is at the Edison, New Jersey Convention Center, September 16th-18th. Check out all the vendors, food trucks, special appearances, and get your tickets at!

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  • 68. Lucy Hart

    Lucy Hart comes on the pod and talks about her transition and the difference between shooting porn as a man and as a woman. She also talks about her former user days as a man and her current sobriety. Also, acid trips, different dimensions, and why she was a horrible drug dealer.
  • 67. Josyln Jane

    This week porn star Joslyn Jane comes on the pod and talks about growing up in Florida and New York, her first time trying different drugs and why, why she doesn't like pain pills, and more!
  • 66. Myka Fox

    This week the hilarious and wonderful Myka Fox talks about her recent sobriety from alcohol and tricking her brain, why she likes acid more than mushrooms, her love of cocaine and why she can't do it anymore, and more!
  • 65. Mike Cannon

    Today comedian Mike Cannon comes on the podcast to talk about why he doesn't drink anymore, how sports and growing up with an alcoholic father shaped his drinking, his love of edibles, when he thinks is a good time to smoke pot with your kid, and why he likes LSD more than mushrooms and more!
  • 64. Geo Perez

    I'm back just in time for 4/20 with comedian Geo Perez! We talk about drinking, petty crimes, drug trafficking, the difference between a jail and a prison, weed, and more!
  • 63. Nathaniel

    The first episode of 2023! In this episode, I have my new buddy Nathaniel jump on and talk about dealing with a brain tumor in his early 20s, why his mom won't drink with him, dropping out of college to play pool, and more!
  • 62. Ayesheh Mae

    This week comedian, engineer, and all-around badass Ayesheh Mae comes on the podcast to talk about food addiction, why smoking weed is her favorite, if she's willing to try micro-dosing, and more!
  • 61. Jenna Love

    This week porn star Jenna Love comes on the podcast to chat about the struggles of having ADHD, why she doesn't like to smoke weed, and more! Check out Jenna at the next Hardcore Comedy Show Saturday, November 19th midnight at The Stand!
  • 60. Chris Cheney

    Today Comedian Chris Cheney comes on the podcast and talks about his first time trying Adderall as a kid, his good and bad experiences with mushrooms, why he hasn't tried acid yet, and more! If you're into Pokémon, make sure to check out his mail-in contest to win the "official hat of the official expo of the official Pokémon league expo!"