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Robert Morrow is the former chairman of the Republican Party of Travis County in the capital city of Austin, Texas.With nearly 56 percent of the 47,000 ballots cast, he unseated chairman James R. Dickey in the primary election held on March 1, 2016.Morrow gave up his post when he filed as a write-in candidate for president. Morrow first backed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for the 2016 nomination. When Cruz withdrew from the race, Morrow switched his support to party front runner Donald Trump, for whom Stone had earlier been an advisor and still supports. Morrow later endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president and stated that he believes the child rape allegations regarding Donald Trump, as detailed in Jane Doe v. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, are true. In June, 2016 Morrow described Donald Trump as "a disgrace to the human species." Morrow decried U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont as a "coward" and a "loser" for not challenging what Morrow calls "the Hillary Clinton crime family

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