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Season 2, Ep. 2

When the Jim Garrison trials started, there had already been a huge number of witnesses, reporters, police officers and others who had suddenly died who knew too much about the Kennedy Assassination. On March 1, 1967 New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison arrested Clay Shaw for conspiring to murder John F. Kennedy. Shaw promptly had his attorneys file a motion for dismissal based on the fact that the Warren Commission proved that there was no conspiracy in the JFK Assassination. The court ruled in the state’s favor claiming that the Warren Commission was hearsay. Garrison had wanted to bring to trial David Ferrie and was about ready to do so but he suddenly died. Since that time, the death toll has slowly risen to almost 100 people.

Here are a few samples of silenced victims: Organized crime figures Johnny Rosselli, Sam Giancana, Charles Nicoletti had all been murdered right before they were to give testimony before the House Select Committee On Assassinations. CIA handler of Lee Harvey Oswald George DeMohrehschildt also died of a gunshot wound to the head after he was notified he was to give testimony before the House Select Committee On Assassinations. David Ferrie died right before he was charged with conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Intelligence officers And FBI agents David Sanchez Morale- CIA, William Guy Banister- FBI, James Cadigan –FBI, John Garrett Underhill Jr. – Intelligence Officer all died because they knew to much. Rolando Masferrer
, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe were going to expose too much but their exposure died with them. Assassination researchers Joe West, Larry Howard and Larry Harris were all about ready to bring forward new evidence of a conspiracy but their evidence was taken to the grave with them when they died. Material witnesses Jean Hill, Roger Craig, Hank Killam, Karen Carlin, Marily Walle, Rose Cheramie and Lee Bowers were just a few of the witnesses who saw and heard too much. The evidence they had died with them. Congressman Hale Boggs was a member of the Warren Commission that wanted to reopen the investigation. He disappeared in a small plane over Alaska. Lt. William Bruce Pitzer took photographs of the autopsy that revealed shots from the front. These photographs disappeared and he died of a gun shot to the head.

This investigation details the strange deaths of 92 people who knew way too much about the Kennedy Assassination. Inside there are 92 Witnesses, Researchers, CIA Agents, Police Officers, Reporters, Politicians and Girlfriends who just knew way too much! Some of them were outright murders like Mary Pinchot Meyer who was the girlfriend of John F Kennedy. Some of them are highly suspicious suicides, accidents and other strange incidents. In the profile of each victim, you will sometimes find links to online videos you can watch by clicking on the link.

Note: This investigation was last updated on 05.01.2018

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