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The odds of a woman surviving the attack of a serial rapist and murderer are slim. The odds of two women surviving the same serial killer are much less. The odds of those two women knowing each other as best friends are next to none.

Yet, in this memoir, Innocence Lost, you’ll read about Daisy and Lisa – best friends who were raped by the same California serial killer, Joe DeAngelo. Amazingly, both survived his attacks. Even more incredible is the fact that neither Daisy nor Lisa knew their rapist was The Golden State Killer. Not until his arrest in April 2018.

Innocence Lost is a powerful account of survival. A story of a victim’s two-year psychologically tormenting lead up to her sexual assault, and how she survived the attack. Their stories are propelled by both their courageous spirits and the beauty of their innocence as they struggle to deal with their personal torment in their own way.

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