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Why? Two unforgettable names, Adam Walsh and Jeffrey Dahmer, one tragic case: The author's goal is justice for little Adam Walsh. A wall of evidence points to America's most notorious serial killer and pedophile Jeffrey Dahmer murdering and decapitating Adam. Accordingly, the author wants the Hollywood Police Department (HPD) to reopen the case and close it correctly. This will finally bring proper closure for the Walsh family, which includes Adam's father, John, who channeled his rage by becoming the crime-fighting host of the popular TV show America's Most Wanted.


Who? The author describes how he encountered Dahmer at length near the time and place little Adam was abducted. This book has consumed well over three decades of the author's life, with at least one decade investigating and writing this book. He has appeared on many TV shows and in numerous print publications as a witness. In 2010 he filed a lawsuit against the HPD, State Attorney's Office, and one of the detectives involved in the Adam Walsh case.


What? As much as this book is a case for Dahmer being Adam’s murderer, it is equally a study of how the HPD conducted the homicide investigation, becoming the greatest ally and defender of America’s most notorious serial killer. "I have a problem with facts that don’t fit, with witnesses not called or used, with bungled investigations, and with cover-ups after the fact," the author writes. The author presents many, many witnesses who know they saw Dahmer. Packed with charts, diagrams, photos, and letters, this is the most extensive collection of records to date of the Adam Walsh case.

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