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The result of more than ten years of research by one of Canada’s top investigative journalists, Dragons of Crime is the first book-length expose of the Chinese and Vietnamese gangs in North America. For the first time, all the mysterious elements of Asian crime are uncovered, from the history and growth of the triads, tongs and gangs to the present-day structures and activities, including:

• an investigative account of how the Kung Lok triad got started in Canada, and the story of Lau Wing Kui, the founder of the Kung Lok triad and his successor, Danny Mo

• the full story of the corrupt Hong Kong cops, the Five Dragons, who emigrated to Canada to invest their criminal proceeds

• how a Chinese gang leader controlled Vancouver in the 1920s and 1930s

• who the “Big Circle Boys” are, how they got to Canada, and what crimes they specialize in

• how and why Vietnamese gang leader Asau Tran and two others were murdered on the streets of Toronto’s main Chinatown in August 1991

• alien smuggling, the new heroin flow from Asia, and other fascinating details of the Asian underworld and their operations in both the criminal and legitimate worlds in North America

• new criminal elements in the 1990s including the threat and reality of the changes underway as Hong Kong reverts to mainland Chinese control in 1997

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