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Many a person with a common vocation keeps an uncommon hobby, perhaps one that borders on the downright strange and unconventional. Take the one-time accountant Carl Koppelman, a Los Angeles-based artist who creates digital illustrations of unidentified people using post-mortem photos. Koppelman works with the hope that his pieces will help identify an unknown person even if it's been decades since their death. The time it takes Koppelman to digitally illustrate a person depends on the state of the body, like if the individual has had an injury, or if decomposition has begun. "When someone dies, their mouth changes shape and sometimes their eyebrows spring up—it's these kinds of things I have to edit and illustrate, and depending on this, it takes several hours to a few days," he says. Interested to know more, Creators spoke to Koppelman about what sparked his interest in the subject and how he got started.

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