The House of Lords Podcast


Fighting for change

Season 1, Ep. 4

This month we speak to two members about what inspires them, how they fight for change from inside the House of Lords and mobilising support for changes to draft laws.

‘I believe that anyone who has the privilege of serving in our Parliament… has a duty, not just a privilege, but a duty to use that platform to speak for others, for whom no one else will speak.’

We speak to Lord Alton of Liverpool about his work campaigning against human rights abuses around the world, including Tigray, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and North Korea, and why he proposed changes to the Trade Bill to prevent trade with countries accused of genocide. He also shares what he thinks the UK is doing well when it comes to human rights, and the incredible story about how Westminster inspired the defection of the most senior North Korean embassy official in the world to date. 

‘I've been so inspired by people from organizations, from individuals, from victims who have contacted me, who have gone through this.’

We also speak to Baroness Newlove about her work to bring about protection from non-fatal strangulation during scrutiny of the Domestic Abuse Bill.

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